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Main Logo Example: Blues Street Barbecue Restaurant
About: BBQ, Music, Note, Musical, Eatery

restaurant logo

Restaurant logo – Blues Street Barbecue & BBQ

Script based logo for a barbecue themed restaurant that also features nightly Blues and Jazz entertainment. Despite its visual simplicity, this design features a complex series of vector based shapes and artwork in order to maximize adaptability for use in a wide range of advertising and marketing mediums. From a visual point of view, our designers used a simple musical note motif, rather than more specific music logos and graphics, thus allowing the brand mark to remain topical, regardless of the genre of music being featured.

Logopalooza: 350 logos in just over three minutes

Logopalooza! 2008: Logo design demo reel

A sampling of design work from The Logo Factory® logo gallery. Fast paced video features 350 logos in just over 3 minutes. TLF produced soundtrack is also available as an MP3 download.
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