Left Shark gets famous, Aston Martin gets ticked, some vaccine art that gets to the point, Game of Thrones played out in logos, drones on rugs, another controversy about design that looked like penis and other random stuff from the first week of February.

snippets-note-left-SMHard to believe we’re already a quarter of the way through the second month of 2015 and just a few days shy of Valentine’s Day. You know what that means – yet another installment of Snippets, our sometimes snarky weekly round up of design and whatever random stuff that strikes our fancy. This episode is a little more laid laid back than usual – nothing terribly dramatic or earth-shattering on the design front – so we’re serving up some funky and quirky goodies that (hopefully) make for an interesting read. Without further adieu, let’s hop in the Delorean, fire up the Flux-capacitor and time-travel back to February 1 for our weekly Twitter and design news..

First there was Jaws..

Then there was Left Shark from Katy Whatshername‘s Superbowl halt-time show.

You do know..

They make James Bond‘s car, right?

Tipper will not be pleased.

The logo was supposed to warn parents about the evils of Rap.

Jonesin’ for some TGOT?

April’s around the corner, but these will help tide you over..

Now why didn’t we think of this?

Thumb drives. Literally.

New logo & packaging

Suits this product to a T.

Yoo-hoo. Copyright police?

Clean-up on aisle four..

Drones on rugs.

Sad commentary really..

Gotta hear all sides..

Because science!

Another 2014 wrap-up

Cool and all, but can we please declare a wrap on 2014. It’s Valentine’s day in a few. On the other hand, let’s us pimp our 2014 round up one more time.

Speaking of Vaccines..

This art gets to the point. Or rather points..

Everyone’s a critic.

Though he’s kinda right about the pig..

The law of unintended consequences

And when you try to get pithy on a pencil..


Love this style..

More penis shaped art

This time in Toronto. Pro tip for the kiddies: Before any design project ships, ask your peeps if it reminds them – in any way whatsoever – of penis. If it does, don’t ship (you’re welcome.)


A fantastic use for those little Pantone swatches littering your desk..

For the indecisive designer

Thumbs up. Thumbs down.

Back from the brink

New Panda Security logo

New logo!

Redbirds get a makeover..

Not sure “Mirror” means what you think it does..

How about “copies?”

New logo!

Calgary Library gets a logo facelift. Sweet one too..

Death metal needs brand loving too.

And this is their go-to guy…

What’s sub-branding?

This is sub-branding. At it’s finest..

Ahm. Yeah.

Why user-generated content is a minefield. Or should that be meinfield?

Took us a bit but..

Hot sun. Burn hole in the leaf. Dead leaf stuff around the hole. Pretty slick, amirite?

The language of logos.

Some things are just universal…

And with that, we’ll draw this week to a close…

Our Snippets are a semi-regular feature of The Logo! Factor blog that features newsy nuggets, pearls of wisdom and snarky asides pulled from Twitter, Facebook, the news and wherever else we can find ’em. We keep promising that this will be a regular thing, but it never seems to work out that way.