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Grass. Water. Leaves. There are only so many elements that come to mind when proposing a corporate logo for a landscaping company. Of course, that short list is enough for an experienced designer, who can generally come up with a myriad of different ‘landscape’ themed logos using only these elements. Woodbridge Landscaping LogoAs is often the case, a landscape company owner has to think of their client base when it comes to developing an effective brand. Are you client’s commercial? Residential? Are you targeting upscale or middle-income customers for your landscaping services? Sometimes a landscaping ‘character’ can work.

Green is in.

Other times a simple leaf motif will suffice. Generally, environmentally friendly is a safe bet. However, one of the most important aspects of your landscaping company identity the-frog-pond-landscapingis it’s ability to be used in all your planned applications. Business cards, stationery design, brochure design and letterhead design is a safe bet. Die-cut vinyl for the side of your cars and trucks is another.

What’s the best kind of landscaping logo for your company?

Yep. A test of your logo’s mettle is when it comes to reproduction on lawn signs and the sides of trucks – both landscaping company staples. Make sure to plan ahead and don’t be afraid to dream. Just because you’re only one guy with a landscaping truck today, doesn’t mean that you won’t have 20 trucks emblazoned with your landscaping logo in five years.

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