We wrap up February with a 99designs epiphany, the new Cleveland Brown logo looks awfully like the old one, some logo nostalgia, Oscar graphics, Lego Oscars, logo design tips and a couple of llamas go on the lamb.

Running a little behind with this, but sticking with our better late than ever philosophy, still publishing this round-up on Monday night rather than on the weekend like we’re supposed to. The last week of February was a busy week, lot’s of stuff to cover, so we’re going to forgo our usual intro and get right down to it.

Welcome aboard.

Well, yeah, that’s kinda been our point all along..

Design contest sites – 99designs in this instance – are being kinda disingenuous with their click-baity “get a logo you love or 100%, no-questions asked, money back guarantee” starbursts. See, they’ll tell if you want GOOD designers via the platform, you should snippets-note-left-SMwaive the guarantee and promise to pay said designers. Which is what other designers have been saying all along. Because while you may get free design work by not guaranteeing your contests, no designer worth their salt are going to supply you with said artwork, cause they’re too busy selling their artwork, like professionals are supposed to do. Thus, the contests that don’t get guaranteed – when you can still get your money back – feature designers who aren’t making a living anywhere else and aren’t professional designers, which is another thing designers have been squawking about all along. Still confused? This should explain it all.

Sure, it’s in the UK..

But it’s a start.

New logo!

Vsauce gets some animated goodness from Pentagram:

Well, yeah…

Guess they would.

New logo!

Was that The Late Show, The Later Show or The Latest Show?

Branding vs Logo Design?

This explainer should explain.

Logo shapes matter.

Let’s take a look at why..

Another Photoshop challenger?

Nipping at Adobe‘s heels..

Super Mario agitprop.

Not just for video games anymore.

Mind blown.

Now that’s a logo “Kilroy Was Here.”

It’s a whale tail and an H.

Logo design simplicity at its best.

New logo!

That’s not much new. Wait till you get a load of the Browns later on.

Old logo!

That’s one way to roll out the new one.

New logo!

Sexy, simple and adaptive.

New identity

A lot more complicated than just a logo.

Oscars time!

Graphics from one of the noms..

More Oscars

Fan posters this time:

New logo!

University of Illinois at Chicago..

New logo!

It’s chromy. It’s beveled.

New logo!

UK-based Freeserve..

Let the snark begin..

The Cleveland Browns logo looks pretty much like the old Cleveland Browns logo.

Lego Oscars

People seem to forget why these Lego Oscars are even a thing..

Ooooh, those Oscar intros

Here’s the scoop on those..

New logo!

The Royal Albert Hall gets decked out in logo newness…

Speaking of Lego..

These slippers rock.

Questions, questions, questions.

What to ask before the logo design thing goes down..

The law of unintended consequences..

..combined with twitchy police forces equals this..

It’s not all sparkles and Unicorns..

This happens from time to time..

Not new logo!

Still cool nonetheless..

Browns logo.


Good news for Internet types..

Net Neutrality finally a done deal.

Behold the Llama Drama..

Hey, it was a slow news day.

Post images on social media?

This will save you a lot of grief..

Joy Division

Classic album art. The real. And the snark.

New logo!

The Frisco Rough Riders..


Just bastards.

New logo!

Yeah. We can’t pronounce it either…

New logo!

Curling Canada this time..

Even over there..

This crowdsourcing stuff is ruffling the feathers of French designers.

We didn’t.

But fair enough.

25 tips

For Killer Logos. From your humble servants at TLF..

Farewell Mr. Spock

And thanks for everything.

Oh, you zany Fiverr kids..

With your $5 logos. But enough already..

It’s always been a beauty.

The classic British Rail identity system

And with that, we’ll draw February to a close…

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