Logo Design Contest Explainer

Thinking about launching a design contest for your new logo?

You should probably check this out. But first, a little back story..

This all started when we posted a monster-sized infographic on logo design contests, as they play out from a designer’s POV end of last summer. It was a snarky, fun little project and we received quite a few comments about it on the Twitz and what-not, most of them positive. One quibble was that we should work one up from a client’s perspective, a decent idea and all, but something that turned out to be a lot harder than it should have been. The key to an infographic is to keep it simple and straightforward, not terribly easy when it comes to logo design contests, especially those on commercial platforms. They are some seriously messed shiznet to figure out, compartmentalize and then try to flowchart. Anyhoo, here it is..

Logo design contest explainer

Like always, if you have a healthy set of internet pipes, you can grab a big one (1200px x 4084px)

Ten pounds sugar. Five pound bag.

Despite being marketing as “design done simple” or other such thing, most design contest sites are a morass of complicated rules and exceptions, regulations and what-ifs, bolted on as reactions to different scenarios, whenever they cropped up. A “let’s make it up as we go along” kinda thing. It’s a lot of information to squeeze into a graphic diagram though, and fitting it into our already set format was the design version of ten pounds sugar, five pounds bag – a crap load of verbiage to cram into one illustration. I decided to go with a retro kitsch vibe, using 60s print ads as a theme (where the point was to squeeze as much info every square inch as possible) while still trying to stay true to the original game concept from last year. I didn’t even know what to call it, so I cribbed the “explainer” concept, usually reserved for videos and slapped it on for the time being.

Funny thing is, and despite its over-the-top visual complexity, the graphic actually demonstrates the process, pros and cons of design contests quite nicely. So much so, we’ll probably flesh this out as a full-blown blog post at some point, but for now, you can look at the pretty pictures. For what it’s worth, I also modified the designer’s game version ever-so-slightly, so the two infographics would make a nice matching set.

Here’s that on it’s own.