Logo Design Process

Our Logo Design Process. How We Work

In the market for a new logo? Here’s how we can help.

A step-by-step look at The Logo Factory logo design process and how the online version of our studio works. Learn how you can collaborate with our design team without ever leaving your desk, regardless of where on the planet you’re located.

Step 1

Decide if we are the right fit for your particular project.

While we hope you choose us, there are thousands of designers and firms on the web, all of whom are quite capable of bringing your creative vision to reality. To decide if we’re your “shop of choice” view our design examples, read our Help Center and browse our website to see if we have ‘what it takes’ (we think we do.)

Step 2

Decide what type of logo is appropriate for your company, product or service.

Our designers can offer suggestions based on your particular requirements or you can read this set of help guides that break down the different types of logos.

Step 3

Submit your new project details via our online order forms.

Our project submission forms are designed to gather a starting point of notes and information our designers will need to work up concepts for your new identity. Keep in mind, writing this creative brief is but an opening round. You can always collaborate with your designer afterwards.

Step 4

Select the package that’s appropriate for your project.

You probably have a set budget, a required time-frame and a notion of how far you want to explore the design possibilities of your logo. We offer ‘flat rate’ pricing and several logo design packages, so there’s no surprises later.

Step 5

Our designers will create a series of preliminary designs based on your client brief.

If they have any questions, or you have any suggestions, you can communicate directly with the designer tasked with your project.

Step 6

Login to our Factory Floor.

This is the private client area of our website were you view your preliminary designs. On the Factory Floor you’ll be able to work with your designer to revise, edit and work through our design process. Nobody else will be able to view your new identity until you’re read to release it into the wild.

Step 7

Through a series of revision cycles, you’ll hone in on your final logo.

Our designers are available via telephone, e-mail and fax so communication, a major factor in any successful design project, is never an issue.

Step 8

Take possession of your brand spanking new logo.

Once you’ve finalized your design, our designers will set up all the file formats you’ll need for web, print and electronic reproduction. You can then download your logo assets from your private Factory Floor page.

Step 9

Finish with your branding workup.

If your package includes it, your designer will begin the development of your letterhead, business card and envelope. Using the same revision cycle procedure, you’ll collaborate on a great set of professional looking stationery.

Step 10

Begin to build your new brand.

Once everything has been finalized, we’ll bundle all your files for download (even put them on a custom CD if you like.) At this point we’ll also transfer copyright to you, so you’re assured that this design is yours and yours alone!

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