Photoshop turns 25, a load of new logos, great design resources, creepy emoji for introverts, Obama’s kumbia Terror-Busting logo, how the gig economy is either doomed or the end of us all, history of Warner Brothers’ logos and a pre-Oscars look at the Oscars logo. Etc.

snippets-note-left-SMIt was a busy week around The Factor (with apologies to Bill O’Reilly, who’s in a spot of bother of his own so he probably won’t mind) what with Valentine’s Day, Canada’s Maple Leaf 50th Anniversary, a couple of snow storms and some of the coldest weather this winter. Still, we managed to shamelessly troll 50 Shades of Grey and explain why you see things in logos that aren’t really there. Now, it’s time for Snippets, our weekly look back at the week that was.

Without further adieu..

It’s not all sparkles and Unciorns…

Some Valentine’s Day history is pretty grim. And has an awful lot to do with sex..

You had one job..


Two fonts. Two.

Any more and your logo looks like a ransom note. This will help..

99 Designs, Crowdspring, Fiver, Fourerr, Threer, Whateverer..

The former labor secretary would like a word.


That’s a ‘B’

Warner Brothers..

And the history of their logos.

Marlboro yet to comment…

Meet Jeff the Diseased Lung, their new mascot..

New logo!

Prospect Park Alliance.

I was just thinking..

That this would complete me.

Bricks take the lead..

What about that Oscar snub now, huh?


Some of it is kinda bullshitty bullshit.

I’m thinking serif doesn’t mean what they think it does..

San-serif either for that matter.

Maybe this is the answer..

To our decidedly non-responsive website. Shoemaker’s kids and all that..

Red Nose Day logos..

Get yours while they’re hot (a worthy cause too.)

Been bothering us..

Ever since we added it to our Top Rebrands of 2014.

New logo!

Its’ Freeview this time.

A little lesson in internet marketing & social media.

Use a racially-charged image to sell some Photoshop filters. Threaten to sue people when they complain on Twitter. Argue with everybody else.

Pretty important..

I would imagine.

Again with the san-serif serif font.

How is this even a thing?

Speaking of type.

It may not be look like you think it does..

Had to happen sooner or later..

And the logo is EXACTLY as expected for such a thing.

Simpson characters as hockey team logos..

Enough said? Enough said.

Hoods were optional.

We hear The Grand Wizard a huge fan of eclairs..

February 18th (1745) is the birthdate of Alessandro Volta, the dude that first invented the battery way back in 1799 (and now you know where the measurement ‘voltage’ comes from.) As they are prone to do, Google celebrated the date with a groovy little animated logo. Part retro, part steampunk, they really outdid themselves with this gem:
Google Volta Logo index

That lovely free labor was never going to last..

Having a hard time getting choked up over this..

Nerd Alert!

Want. Bad.

New logo!

One sank?

New logo!

Mysterious new Samsung logo explained.

25 years of Photoshop

photoshop 25 years

This week marked the 25th anniversary, birthday – or whatever one calls it when design software has been around for twenty-five years – of Adobe‘s ubiquitous image manipulation software, Photoshop. The software has become such a part of our culture, it’s become both a verb (“I’m going to photoshop that selfie you sent me”) and a noun (“look at this photoshop I just posted on Twitter.”) On a personal level I had no time for Photoshop at first, as I didn’t understand that it wasn’t a drawing tool like its vector-based twin Illustrator, and even removed it from my (then) smallish hard-drive when I started to run out of space. Of course, that was twenty years ago, and my application of the software in my day-to-day has become, well, day-to-day. Anyhoo, congrats Photoshop and Adobe! Long may you push pixels.


The “good old days”..

Emoji for introverts.

Though this one..

Free vector maps.

A very bookmark worthy resource..

“Do don’t evil”

Used to be the Google motto..

While we all appreciate the “opportunity” 99designs, Fiver, Fourerr, et al..

Let’s call it as we sees it.


Turn your iPad into a wi-fi tablet. Price tag? $59 smackeroos…

New logo!

For IR Prognosis. Took about two comments for somebody to snark “doggy style!” That’s a little effect called pareidolia.

Snippets ain’t all snark and games..

Another helpful resource to make your life easier..

Not sure this is a thing CNN..

Like, Kittens and Nutella?

Powerful stuff.

Straight to the point.

DIY fonts

Give it a whirl…

It’s still pronounced JIFF

Don’t bitch at me. That’s what the guy who invented them sez.

New logo!

Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art this time. New restaurant too.

New logo!

Valpak Coupons gets a makeover.

This ISIS thing again..

Another incident of having to explain why your company name is named after some Egyptian Goddess, not those murderous goons in Iraq.

Which brings us to this..

A terror-busting logo?

The Obama Adminstration held their anti-violent-extremism summit this week and of course, it needed some branding-type stuff for the Twitz and what-not. So they came up with yet another cliched, overwrought and completely overdone logo – a mash-up of the “Kumbia Huggy Ubuntus” and “Esther Williams Swimming Ubuntus” logo (see here for an explanation of what we’re on about.) The logo was mocked without mercy on social media (along the lines of “well that’ll show ’em” kinda thing.) The administration doubled down, and parlayed the logo into graphics that were supposed to illustrate how we could bring an end to this terrorism nonsense once and for all.
obama anti extremism logo

The reaction was, pretty well what you’d think the reaction would be. This isn’t the first time the Obama administration has taken fire for a logo either, though in previous encounters, it wasn’t really their fault. Anyone remember the dust-up over the (then) new Missile Defense Agency logo?
obama missle command logo

Yeah, that was a lark.

On a less serious note..

It’s Oscar weekend! No better time for this I guess..

Enjoy the show!

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