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Valentines Day Sweetheart logo. Download away!

Valentine’s Day is on February 14th, but as most of us will be busy with our sweethearts (the entire point of the exercise), thought we’d get the jump and offer up this keen little Valentine’s Day love heart illustration that might be worthwhile for anyone who’s in a do-it-yourself card making mode. The artwork is free from our Morgue Files and all we ask it that you don’t use it for a commercial gig, resell it to anyone else, add it to a stock illustration collection or enter it into a logo design contest. Other than that, and if you think it’ll brighten up the day of someone come the big day, download away and use as you see fit. The artwork is available in PDF vector format which you can download by clicking on the linky below. And to all our clients, visitors, staff and internet friends, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Free Heart Logo - vector art

Download Vector File

Type of artwork: Logo
Format: Vector
Colors: Two (& halftone version)
Software used: Adobe Illustrator
Variations: 1

The Fine Print.

morgue-files-iconAll designs and logos featured in The Logo Factory Morgue Files are copyright 2000 – 2015 The Logo Factory Inc. Downloading any of the image(s) presented does not constitute copyright transfer or the transfer of any intellectual property rights. All the logos, artwork and designs are available “free of charge” and as such are presented “as is.” We do not offer any warranty of the artwork contained in our Morgue Files, nor is any implied. We are not responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, as a result of your use of this artwork. Reproduction of this artwork, subject to our acceptable uses disclaimer, is at your own risk.

Acceptable Uses: You may use these images, logos, artwork and designs in any electronic or print media, including advertising and editorial use, as long as such use is not intended to allow the resale, re-distribution or re-use of the images(s).

Prohibited Uses: Not for resale or addition to stock or “ready-made” artwork collections. The Logo Factory retains the full rights to the image(s), and therefore you cannot establish your own rights. You may not sub-license, distribute, transfer or assign the image(s) or rights to the images(s) to any third parties. You may not use this image, or any part of the images(s), as part of a trademark or service mark. You may not use or archive the images(s) in any downloadable format intended for multiple distribution including, without limitation, logo templates, web site templates, software design products, etc.

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