The best, notable and interestingly dubious happenings of the week. 99designs vs. Fiverr, the Canada 150 freak out continues, a couple of new logos, a particularly brilliant one, some design slam poetry and other random stuff.

snippets-note-left-SMThe holidays are but a distant memory, our best of, worst of lists put away for another year. We’re now officially in the doldrums of January, it’s freezing cold and not too much happening on the design front. But it’s still End of Business Friday, and keeping with our efforts to make this as regular gig, time for another Snippets. Let’s rummage through our Twitter feed, find some interesting shiznet and take a look back at the week’s events.

And Tron fans squee!

boston olympic bid logo
The Boston Olympics bid logo just is. Unless this were true..

Hated these as a kid.

New packaging is nice though..

New logo for Jacob’s

Better make that Jacobs..

With a rebel yell..

And the Canadian Feds ask for “moh, moh, moh..”

In totally unrelated news..

Unlike most of our previous whiny screeds against logo contests and what-not, this one took a look at them from a buyer’s angle. You know, actually running one. It’s long and detailed but can be summed up thusly:

mess of logos
Yes, biohazard symbol. We also did a monster-sized infographic too. Which was cool. And then this happened..

Fight. Fight. Fight.

The Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC) organization continued their campaign against Canada 150 logo fiasco – an ongoing royal mess that started summer of 2013. Like we pointed out here, getting people revved up about this particular design contest was gonna be a hard sell. At least to non-designer types.

Dog whistle to 99designs. Jason Aiken, their product manager, would like to set the record straight..

Sadly, that’s true.

Pot. Meet Kettle.

Speaking of 99D (aren’t we always) appears the Oz-based enterprise may be feeling a bit of a pinch from the gang at Fiverr (who are awful.) If you searched for $5 dollar logos on The Google, this keyword triggered ad showed up:

*snort* Here’s a company whose entire enterprise is based on designer-type people earning zippo, implying that designer-types who sell logos for $5 are shoveling broken art because cheap. And that the people who work on 99designs for free, can somehow fix said broken logos because not cheap. Some military-grade schadenfreude there. But, wait. It gets better. Fiverr countered with their own keyword triggered ads, both by the search phrase “logo design contests.” The first was this one:
“Logo Contests –” Which is odd because Fiverr doesn’t host logo contests. Even odder when this ad also pops up, triggered by the same search.
Seems you don’t shouldn’t run no stupid design contests after all. Though a copyright attorney probably wouldn’t hurt.
[via @LamontPrice]

Vintage goodness.

Coming soon to a logo near you.

Oh Canada.

nasa canada arm fake photo

Saw this on a NASA space arm once. Though it was fake

Oh Canada. 2.0.

Love this.

There’s useful info on the Twitz too ya know..

You’re welcome.

Or cowbell.

Needs something, that’s fer sure..

Ha ha.

That’ll show them.


Movie openers are always great. These are off the charts..

Love. Want. Need.

Warhol’s dead. It’s actually just a Campbells Soup can now, but we get what you’re saying..

They have a point.

Oh yoo, hoo. Internet plagiarists…

We don’t get it either..

We’re on Tumblr. Not exactly sure why. This seemed topical, so yeah..

That logo looks like a donkey, playing tennis while sipping a margarita

There’s a reason for that. It’s called pareidolia. It’s also why these infamous logos got to be that.

Calvin went and got himself all growed up

It’s Calvin and Hobbes. That is all.

Oh Canada 3.0

That bloody contest again..

They don’t seem to be listening..

Canada 150 beaver graphic

But maybe now they’ll stop flooding our timeline with that stupid beaver graphic.

It goes to eleven..

By accident or design, the new logo for Sonos is actually awesome.

This is certainly worth watching..

Nike. Logo. Lawsuit.

We’ll leave you with this…

“Imagine the most beastly creature imaginable.

Close your eyes and imagine.

No bits, no bytes, pure mind.

Open your eyes and envision this creature completely.

Unleash this creature in your mind with your eyes open.

Now, without fear, unleash the beast.

Did you imagine the beast?

Did you fear the beast? Start again.

Fear your worst.

Now, eliminate fear.

Did you see the beast?

Draw it with no fear.

Sculpt it. Paint it. Spray it. Tattoo it.

Do not feed it.

Poke it. Anger it. Draw it further in. Enrage it more. Make it growl.

Now, snarl.

Make it growl flames.

Draw fear. Paint it. Sculpt it. Mold it. Smash it.

Start again. Blank slate.

Imagine that beast after becoming king of the beasts.

Open your eyes and create that beast in motion.

Imagine a Man that can tame that Beast you imagined.

Imagine that Man is an artist.

Unleash that Man on to your imagination.

Imagine that Beast is unleashed onto that Man’s life.

Imagine you need a solution to save that Man’s life.

Imagine a solution. See that solution.”

The hell? Pyrrhic free association? Some weird slam poetry? Nope.

“Imagine all that in a logo.”

It’s contest holder feedback and art direction. On 99designs.

Yay distruption, I guess.

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