Everything you need to know about logos

Everything you need to know about logos

From initial planning to brand rollout, it’s all here.

You’re an expert at what you do, not an expert in design, so developing a logo and constituting a brand can seem like a daunting task for any startup or small business owner. In this, our studio’s online guide to developing great logos, we’ve broken everything you need to know into various phases in the design process itself. From deciding if you even need a logo, to rolling out your shiny new brand, you’ll find it here.

1: Startup: Before we design anything.

Have you a name for your company? Do you need a logo at all? These are things to think about before a designer tackles your branding project. We also take a look at what makes a good logo, the realities of designing one yourself and how to pick a designer to work with.

2: Getting ready.

Before you start on the design road to your new logo and brand, you’re should do a little homework first. A checklist of things you’ll need to think about before writing that ever important creative brief. We also give you some tips on keeping your design project on target.

3: Logo anatomy.

You’re probably going to be asked by your designer “what type of logo do you want?” There are many iterations and permutations but most logos will fall into four distinct styles. Explore the pros and cons, weaknesses and strengths of each.

4: Tips and pointers.

Throughout the entire design process, there will be little tips, tricks and insider knowledge that can help you get the most out of the design process, applying your new logo to marketing collateral and rolling out your brand. We’ve assembled more than a few in this section.

5: Technical talk.

As a startup or established business owner, it is your job to know what you do, not what the designer creating your logo does. On the other hand, if you’re going to try your hand at do-it-yourself marketing and branding, there are some basic technical concepts you should know. Here’s what they are.

6: Logo ownership.

A logo isn’t just a pretty picture but a valuable bit of intellectual property that belongs to your company. We tackle some of the misconceptions of copyright and trademark as it applies to your brand assets.

7: Aftermath.

Your designer has pushed the last pixel while designing your logo, your design files and various brand assets have finally arrived. Now what?

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