The Vancouver Winter Olympics are winding down, but this epic BBC animated commercial is still all sorts of epic. And did we mention it’s epic? Cause it is..

As the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver are grinding down to a finish in the next few days, we may be a tad late to the party with this brilliant BBC animated ad for The Winter Games. Still, it’s worth a looksee, as this is unlike any Olympics ad we’ve seen before For starters, it doesn’t feature any live clips from actual Olympic events. Most notably, the spot avoids the official day-glo Silly Putty logo while still tipping a hat to the real-life Inukshuk monument that stands at the top of Whistler Mountain.

Quick overview:

the ad features a bloody great bear that rips the Inukshuk’s head clean off and using almost every winter sport from The Games, our little hero dude has to get it back. Great stuff, all set to an epic soundtrack. For more on what an inukshuk is, and how it relates to the Olympic brand, see our bit on the Vancouver Winter Olympics logo from a few weeks ago.

[Hat tip: Designer’s Couch]