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Video, music, movie and audio company design

While producing product that is technically ‘just’ a pastime, the entertainment industry is a billion dollar business with the expected cutthroat competition. And as entertainment is such a wide design category, it’s difficult to define a theme that would be common with logos designed for this industry. It’s a pretty safe bet that logo designed for an entertainment company is at one time or another, cutting edge. In such a creative field, no-one wants to be seen as a ‘follower’ while everyone is constantly striving to be a ‘leader.’ If a logo created for one entertainment company reminds you of another, it’s probably a failure as a design.

Original entertainment logos. Stand out from the crowd

The point of this design exercise is proving to the world that you are one-of-a-kind in your field, not another face in an endless sea of companies hoping to make an entertainment buck.

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