From the “it ain’t the Nike swoosh” department: A rather odd shoe logo that looks just like, well, you know exactly what it looks just like. It’s supposed to.

The Mrs. is a Chiropodist so I’m always catching crap when I buy running shoes – most of the footwear I like doesn’t pass her professional inspection. Accordingly, and over the years, she’s suggested some pretty nasty, but very sensible, shoes. But even she was aghast as the corporate and shoe logo featured on these little gems, regardless of how sensible they might be.

When I first saw the internet ads – in heavy rotation on many sites that I visit – I thought somebody was taking the piss. A very expensive taking the piss. But no, they’re real. What the hell were they thinking? They look like little…, ahm, well, you know. But here’s the rub. The logos are actually SUPPOSED to represent. ahm, sperm. As Alexander Elnekaveh, founder and CEO of Gravity Defyer™, states,

“Our logo is deliberate. Our customers feel like they are getting the beginning of a new life when they try our shoes. Pain and fatigue are alleviated, energy is restored; they can walk and exercise again. What represents that? The seed of life. We’re not embarrassed by it, nor are our customers. We are currently working with some of the best retailers in the world and look forward to future business opportunities with companies that are liberal enough to embrace this concept. There’s no shame, there’s pride.”

And then they went and did this:
gravity-defyers-logo-2Oh, come on!!!

There’s even shoes with an entire family of, well you know what it’s an entire family of..


Yep. This really is somebody’s idea of “edgy” marketing. But of course, this happened..

The utterly predictable backlash.

Apparently, not everyone is thrilled about the logo’s similarity to swimming tadpoles or, ahm, sperm. As the company tells us in a press release entitled “GRAVITY DEFYER™ LOGO CAUSES PULL OUT” (groan) retailers such as online shopping giant QVC and catalog mailer Seventh Avenue are refusing to carry the line BECAUSE of the logo.

Personally, I’m off to buy a pair of Pumas, lack of stiff arch support be damned.