hip hop HIV logo

A hop hop benefit for HIV sounds awesome. The logo that advertises the event is bloody awful. The worst logo of 2008.

hip-hop-for-HIV-benefit-logoOh sure, the idea was awesome. A Hip Hop concert held in Dallas, featuring local hip hop acts, sponsored by local radio station KBFB 97.9 The Beat and promising city luminaries and celebrities. The purpose of the concert was to educate the young about HIV realities, and boasted a really cool idea – ‘testing for tickets’ – where anyone who submitted to an AIDs test received free admission to the show. The gig needed a logo which we’ve featured above. It is quite possibly the worst logo ever. It’s certainly hands down, the worst logo of 2008.

Let’s critique:

Phallic Hip Hop microphone forming the letter ‘I’ in hip?

✓ Check.

Squeeze in an AIDS awareness ribbon?

✓ Check.

Teeny weeny silhouette of the Dallas city skyline.

✓ Check.

Let people know it’s annual?

✓ Check.

Now, we need some street cred using yer typical gangsta rap violence imagery, which is cool, because any designer worth their salt knows the best way to brand something to do with AIDS and HIV is to surround the logo with Dexteresque, Friday-The-13th-ish, blood-spatter and gore.

It is the only way…

[Via The Dallas Observer]