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New to The Warehouse. Logo repair file support and rate cards.

Understanding logo files and formats can be a trifle confusing, especially for the DIY startup or business owner as they’re experts in what they do, not supposed to be experts in what designers do. Alas, the more the business owner wants to be “hands on” in their marketing efforts, the more they need to know about files, formats and which one goes where. This is particularly true of our logo repair & cleanup projects, as there’s no context to the logo and we’re basically introducing the buyer to a whole new world of color spaces, resolutions and formats. We get asked the same questions over and over again, so figured it was time to put something together to help address them.

PDF download.

To that end we’ve developed a Logo Repair Rate Card that people can download from our Warehouse that illustrates exactly what kind of file support customers can expect. The charts are pretty nifty, so figured we’d toss them up on the blog for a post of their own. Here’s the first one:
Basic Logo Repair File Format Support
Here’s the same layout, only for a full professional bundle of pretty much you’d ever need to develop a brand on any medium and any eventuality:
Professional Logo File Format SupportWe’ve also been working on an old video about the concept of pixels and vectors in logo design – it was originally developed in fairly low resolution of the time and needs to be upsampled to current high def, but that’s taking waaay longer than we anticipated. We’ll post that on the blog as soon as it’s finished. Should be a decent companion to explaining this often misunderstood topic.

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The rate card is primarily for offline reading, but has a bunch of links that take you to pertinent parts of our site if the reader wants. You can download the PDF here. You’ll have to excuse the shameless plug nature of this particular post, but with all the design tutorials and things you get around here, figured pimping out our own stuff can’t be too bad once in a while.