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Why The Logo Factory is different than most online logo companies

Truth be told, we could offer the same ‘shake-and-bake’ solutions that many other online logo companies do. We could promise you the moon with a ‘buy now’ McLogo starburst in order to get you to sign-up for our services. We could make the same ‘promise you the moon’ sales pitches and online design marketing come ons. But then we’d have to change how we go about working with our clients – the very thing that makes us different. We’d have to sub out your project to untested freelancers whose experience and skill set would be appropriate to the amount of money they’re being paid. But then, we wouldn’t be able to bring you what we’ve become world-famous for – top notch logo design and brand identity. What follows is a short list of reasons that previous clients have mentioned as their rationale for choosing over The Logo Factory® other solutions to design their new logo.

1) Our work speaks for itself.

Take a look at our logo design portfolio. We’re in the business of making your company, product or service look good, just like we’ve done for thousands of companies around the globe. That includes some of the largest corporations on the planet – McDonald’s, Johnson & Johnson, Exxon Mobil, NorTel, Bridgestone and Fisher Price, to name but a few – and thousands of small to mid-sized startups. Our logo designs have been featured in Inc., Entrepreneur and Fortune magazines as well as numerous design publications and anthologies. Our business model has been imitated by almost every ‘logo’ company on the internet.

2) We stand behind our work.

If you’re not thrilled with your first round of preliminary concepts, simply contact our client support department before requesting further unique versions and/or revisions, and we’ll refund your fees (less a $75 administration fee). We’re confident that we can create a logo for any business, service or product so The Logo Factory is happy to offer this guarantee with all our logo packages & bundles. Click here for full details on our limited guarantee promise.

3) Unparalleled Experience.

The Logo Factory has been creating company logo design & corporate identity artwork via our online design studio since 1996. (2006 marked our tenth anniversary) and over the years, we practically wrote the book on working with clients remotely and delivering artwork via the internet. Each of our designers are experienced logo specialists with established track records of creating successful brand artwork. Our studio receives kudos from clients, designers and competitors alike.

4) Professional designers. Small studio service.

While many logo companies on the web like to brag about how ‘big’ they are, at The Logo Factory we remain dedicated to bringing our clients a small studio experience, a philosophy that’s worked for thousands of clients from around the world. Our staff are always available by phone for assistance during any project and The Logo Factory Creative Director, Steve Douglas, is usually on-site for consultation. Steve knows logos. Check out his articles on our blog for proof of that.

5) Work directly with your designer.

Your project will be handled by an in-house designer/art director who will be available via phone, chat or e-mail through the entire design process. You can also ‘drop in’ to our studio and discuss your project, should you be in the area (appointment required).

9) Your project is always private.

Other design companies and ‘marketplaces’ often charge you a large premium – often up to $1000 – to host a ‘private’ project on their site. Otherwise, your new design project is open for everyone, including your competitors, to see. Your project also shows up in search engine results, so anyone looking for your company is likely to find all your ideas, concepts and more importantly, your final logo, often before intellectual property protections are in place. At the shop, we always find that odd and with you work with The Logo Factory, your project is completely private, until you’re ready to share your new logo with the world.

6) Original logo design solutions.

The Logo Factory starts every logo design project from scratch so you’re assured of an original logo that you’ll be proud to use as the cornerstone of your branding efforts. No clip art, overused & overdone visual cliches, logo design contest, design crowdsourcing or other ‘cookie-cutter’ solutions here. And once we’re finalized your logo, we’ll transfer all ownership documents so that you can start using your new design right away.

7) Reasonable Rates.

The Logo Factory offers a range of logo packages & bundles for every budget. Unlike many other ‘logo design’ companies who’ll pitch you with improbable gimmicks, our logo design pricing and packages are realistic for the services you’re getting, make sense, and are based on turnaround, number of revision rounds and final file format setups.

8) Quick Turnaround.

We understand that your deadlines may be looming and that you need to buy your logo right away. Our logo design bundles are based in part on turnaround, so that you can select an appropriate package, according to your time frame requirements. For those in a panic, we also offer a rush design service – submit your design project by 12 noon (EST) and get preliminary designs back in three hours!

9) No clip art.

Unfortunately, a lot of other online logo design solutions – especially logo contest and so-called ‘crowdsourcing’ sites are rife with submissions that feature stock and clip art art (which is generally NEVER licensed for use in any logo) and worse – material that is completely completely copied from other companies. Either is a recipe for branding disaster. At our studio, you’re assured of original logos and creative work, each and every time. After all, it’s our reputation that’s on the line.

10) Always fresh design. No recycling or pre-fab design work

We never recycle artwork or designs. Often, online logo companies will pull concept drawings from their library of unused and rejected Morgue File designs and present them to you as original work. Nothing wrong with that per se, unless you’re paying for original, ‘from-scratch’ work and then it’s not very cool at all. At our shop, we have a strict ‘no recycle’ policy and all our logos are hand-built, from scratch and from the ground up.

11) Understanding your company, we can help you brand it.

Studio NewsWhile The Logo Factory is a studio that specializes in logos, our designers are also experts in delivering graphic design services with the same attention to quality and workmanship that you’ve come to expect from TLF. Utilizing their experience in design, our designers are able to create true ‘look and feel’ branded design solutions, be it stationery design, your new web site, or a flash animation featuring your logo. Click here to see a full menu of graphic design services available through our studio.

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