A look at the top 100 brand logos of 2011 as announced by Interbrand. Let’s try and figure out what they have in common..

Interbrand has released their ‘Top 100 brands’ for 2011‘ list. Based on the total value of the brands named, it makes for an interesting read (Coca-Cola, at brand worth of $72B is number one). But what about these brands’ logos – what logo design secrets can we learn? What do they have in common?top-100-brandsIt’s a mixed bag but a quick scan of the top 100 logos (above) and off the top of my head –

29% of the top brands’ logos use red.
33% use blue.
13% use yellow or gold.
28% use black or greyscale.
5% use more than two colors.
95% use one or two colors.
41% use text only.
9% don’t feature the company name at all.
93% are simple enough to be recognizable (if not completely legible) at the size featured above. As in really small.
3% feature people.
67% were created using a horizontal aspect ratio.
Number of swooshes: 3

Maybe you can see some trends that I’ve missed. Thoughts?