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For designers and potential buyers looking for logo advice – download our studio podcast series, The Logo Factor, during which we’ll tackle logo and design themed subjects, issues and news. You can download our podcasts here when they’re released or you can subscribe through Apple‘s iTune Store and download our podcast into your iTunes player. For ease of play, all our podcasts and music files are in MP3 format.

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Podcast 1: Starting out right

In the market for a new logo? Now’s not the time to settle for a ‘that will do for now’ template logo or clip art purloined from your favorite office software. It’ll only end up costing you dearly in the end.

Length: 7:26 Added: November 21, 2009 Format: MP3 Featuring: Steve Douglas
Items referenced in this podcast: logo templates, clip art logos

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Podcast 3: Finding a logo designer

Ready to hire a logo designer? Here’s some practical tips on finding a logo designer that’s perfect for branding your company, product or service.

Length: 15:10 Added: February 22, 2011 Format: MP3 Featuring: Steve Douglas
Items referenced in this podcast: online logo design

The Logo! Factor is the official podcast of The Logo Factory. Each podcast features a dialogue that deals with the issues of logo design, branding and small/medium business marketing on, and off, the web.

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