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18 valuable tips on having a logo designed – what you should consider, some things to avoid & rules that should never be broken.

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Everything you need to know about logos

Designing a logo. Simply everything

Start at the top. Work your way down. A step-by-step primer on building a logo for your brand.

Start At The Top
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Logo Types

Each type of logo has its strengths, weaknesses and applications. Make an educated decision on which is best for your brand.

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Files & Formats

Having the correct logo formats is critical but which ones are used for what? We break down the tech jargon into layperson terms.

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Logos & Copyright

What copyright means in terms of your logo, how to protect yours, and why the “poor man’s copyright” is rubbish.

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Our design blog features tons of logo tips, tutorials, news & views for startups and business owners.

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Logo Design Help Center - Logo Articles & Technical Guides

Need help designing a logo? Want to learn more about the importance of a great brand for your business? Ready to learn about the correct file formats for using your logo? You'll find that, and more, in our library of help articles.

Featured: help articles on logos & branding

Do You Need A Logo?

The short answer is yes. Maybe. Maybe not. Some straightforward binary questions to help you decide…

Types of logos

Most logo design ‘treatments’ will fall into four distinct categories; Text, Iconic, Graphic and Illustrative.

Logo Design Tips

18 sure-fire design tips that will help you develop the best logo for your company, product or service…

Starting Out Right

Audio: Startup time is exactly the wrong time for a small business to cut corners when it comes to branding…

Hiring A Designer

Some insider tips on the best way to find, and then hire, a logo designer. Includes a podcast audio companion…

Logo Ownership

Design of your brand is important, but the ownership of same is equally so. A look at copyrights & trademarks..

7 Golden Rules Of Logos

These (pretty much) carved in stone (almost) absolutes of logo design will help you stay on the right track..

Do It Yourself Logos

Is it possible to design your own logo? Of course it is. Is it a good idea? That’s probably a better question..

Potential Pitfalls

Some design projects go tragically off the rails. Most events are predictable. Many are preventable. Here’s how..

Technical Guides: logo file formats & their applications

Formats: An Introduction

An introductory look at the two types of file formats that are absolutely critical to managing any brand..

Files, Formats & Their Uses

A pictorial reference guide to all the files you’ll need to utilize your logo effectively. Types, file extensions & uses..

Spot Color Logos

You may have heard about “spot colors,” the “Pantone Matching System” or colors with numbers. Here’s what it means..

Full Color Logos

Using a full-color CMYK palette in your logo may look great, but what about when it’s time to print? Let’s take a look..

What is a Vector?

A 3:36 minute movie that explains pretty well everything you need to know about logo file formats and their uses..

Printing Tips

When it comes to printing your branded collateral, there are some things you should keep in mind. Here’s a few..

Outline Fonts & Logos

Typography is an integral part of any logo design project. A look at outline fonts – what they are, why we need them..

Changing Logo Formats

Don’t have the correct formats of your logo? Don’t panic. Under certain conditions you can create one format from another..

Bad Formats. Broken Logo

If your logo isn’t formatted correctly, it’s broken. A broken logo is going to cost you at some point. Here’s why..

Project Help – pre-flight pointers for working on your new logo

Pre-Project Action List

Before we start work on your new brand identity, let’s go down this pre-project checklist..

Design Project Tips

A few simple tips to help you get the most out of a design project at our studio…

Writing a Creative Brief

New to writing creative briefs? They’re not as complicated as you might imagine…

Stationery Design Help – practical suggestions

Letterhead Design Tips

Pointers for designing letterheads to print correctly on desktop printers & offset presses..

Business Card Design Tips

Even in this digital age, business cards are a cost effective marketing tool. Some practical advice..

Envelope Design Tips

Some basic tips for designing an effective, and usable, envelope that won’t break the back to print..

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQ section for answers to some of the more commonly asked questions about branding, logos and The Logo Factory design services. For news, views, tutorials and logo related articles, check out our design blog.

Logo Design Help Center

A collection of helpful and informative tutorials for designers, do-it-yourselfers and anyone interested in branding their company.

Branding Tip For Startups & Business

Client & design buyer focused articles from The Logo! Factor design blog.


A free digital magazine about logos and design. Examples, case studies, news, trivia and more. No subscription required, just come and get it. Logopalooza! 4 currently shipping. L5 available May 6.


Learn more about logos, design & branding:

“More often than not, business logos don’t actually portray what the company does. Or creates. Think the McDonald’s Golden Arches. No hamburgers. Think the FedEx logo. No trucks or planes (though a cool ‘hidden’ arrow). Think the Nike swoosh. No sneakers..”

Logo Design Tips

Practical pointers from our team

“You don’t have to put your copyright notices (that little C in a circle) on everything. Nor do you have claim it by writing it out at the bottom of a page. Here’s the skinny – copyright protection is automatic upon creation of any art..”

Logos, Design & Copyright

Some basic basics on the right to copy

“Sure, you may want something ‘nifty’ to doll up your invoices, but you can probably manage that on your own – using standard business software and the supplied logo templates. You may even be able to crank out your own rudimentary letterhead and business cards..”

Do You Need A Logo?

Some questions to help you decide

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