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Our studio blog was launched on September 30 2005. Since then we’ve moved, redesigned and reformatted our site on numerous occasions. During these evolutions we’ve added dated posts to our 2005 – 2014 archives library. For current material click here.

Snippets: Facepalms all around edition..

An innovative logo gets stuck, a shameless (but belated) plug, a crowdsourced logo contest causes an uproar and two others go awry. Innovative logo gets stuck When the Smithsonian Institute unveiled their new Department of Innovation blog and representative logo,…

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Meet Amy Douglas

My daughter Amy has joined the team at the shop full-time & will also be handling some of the blog duties on our site. I thought now’s a good time to meet her

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Et tu Adobe?

In what may be interpreted as a slap in the face to professional designers, Adobe – producer of Illustrator and Photoshop – holds a logo design contest in a creative group for professional designers. Freak out in 3.. 2.. 1..

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A $700,000 update

Anyone remember the curious case of Jon Engle vs. Stockart from a few years back? What turned out to be an anti-spec work parable has become even more so, with an initial $660,000 judgment against the hapless designer.

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Dumb logo

From the “it ain’t the Nike swoosh” department: A rather odd shoe logo that looks like, well, you know exactly what it looks like. Sperm. It’s supposed to.

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I really ain’t Guy’s Enchanted book cover..

We’re often told that crowdsourcing and design contests aren’t about the money. It’s all about the glory of the ‘little guy’ designing stuff for high profile companies and people that they otherwise wouldn’t have the ‘opportunity’. Hard sentiment to argue against. If it’s true.

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New Big Ten logo

The Big Ten athletic conference announces a new logo. As is typical with many brand releases these days, the design came under fire. Mostly because it ignored that there’s 12 teams.

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You’re gonna have to sell a lot of logos..

The new owners of, who paid a cool half-a-million for their domain, promise logo design services by Q1 of 2011 and are asking designers to sign up on their home page.

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Snippets: Designing stuff for free edition

Jumping on yet another bandwagon department, Stan Lee Foundation crowdsources, Crowdspring logo brings back childhood memories and a fascinating ‘whistle blower’ read about writing on spec. Don’t suppose you missed the new Gap logo fiasco from next…

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Hey Joe..

Where you goin’ with that logo in your hand? (with apologies to Jimi Hendrix) New Joe Boxer “The Puck Stops Here” kids’ line looks awfully similar to something we designed back in 2004. How similar? Judge for yourself

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