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Our studio blog was launched on September 30 2005. Since then we’ve moved, redesigned and reformatted our site on numerous occasions. During these evolutions we’ve added dated posts to our 2005 – 2014 archives library. For current material click here.

Canada 150 logo. The saga continues..

In what is becoming an almost annual ritual, there’s another designer uprising against the design of Canada’s 150th logo. In this episode, the government has launched a $5,000 design contest, with the utterly predictable backlash.

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Leaking a logo onto the Internet is a terrible idea..

Teasing news of an upcoming logo is a great way to create buzz. But as the Western Bulldogs brand flap illustrates, it’s probably best to keep your new brand identity under wraps until you’re ready for full bore implementation. Otherwise, you may have your lovely new mark sniped from under you.

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Flash animation isn’t dead. Just yet..

We used Flash to animate logos for years, until Apple refused to support it for its mobile devices. But it ain’t over just yet. As a solution, Swiffy enables the translation of Flash .SWF files into HTML5, suitable for iPhones and iPhones.

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99designs & the grey people

Taking a look at 99designs’ recent (and startling) announcements about prize money payouts and ‘design community’ size. It involves 850,000 designers, $80 million bucks & a whole bunch of grey people.

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Fiverr continues to be awful. Doubles down.

Disruption is supposed to be an upending of the old guard by introducing a different method of doing things via revolutionary change, as opposed to evolutionary change – faster, cheaper with less headaches. No industry is immune and the disruption of the design world started some time ago, bringing us finally and ultimately to Fiverr and the so-called “gig economy.”

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Battling Blue Jay logos

The Toronto Blue Jays take issue with Creighton University’s trademark application for their Blue Jays logo. The two logos are definitely similar, but does Toronto have a trademark case?

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New City of Mississauga logo

With Mississauga approaching its 40th birthday, the city decided it was time for a new logo and brand. Rolled out a few weeks ago, the design has received mostly positive reviews, while others compared it to Melbourne’s logo and a paper clip.

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The arrogance of crowdsourcing

If nothing else, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban’s recent foray into design crowdsourcing illustrates its inherent arrogance as well as the power imbalance between designers and those that hope to exploit the current trend of design contests.

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The Art of Logo Design

PBS Off Book and Digital Studios have released this nifty video that takes a look at the art of logo design, detailing the history of logos and taking a look at various brands and identities, famous and non.

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Snippets: Videos and spec work lessons..

When dealing with the rise of spec-work-fueled crowdsourcing and logo design contest sites, many designers instinctually know that spec-work is bad news for everybody involved (except, perhaps, the companies who skim a percentage of the design contest…

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2016 Rio Paralympic games logo

The 2016 Paralympic Games held in Rio, Brazil debuts its multi-sensory logo created by Tátil, a Brazilian design agency. The innovative logo is designed in full 3D, offering accessibility to everyone, regardless of a disability.

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Snippets: Same circus, different clown..

Love ‘m or hate ’em , don’t think there’s a designer around that hasn’t heard about 99designs, named for the supposed average number of entries that a contest holder gets submitted to their contests. Well, as this crowdsourcing racket is…

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Human rights logo

After four months and a global online campaign that netted 15,000 submissions, Serbian designer Predrag Stakic has been announced as the winner of a design competition to find a logo for human rights.

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