Logopalooza 2. A two minute and eleven second showcase of some of our work. Includes logos and a few Flash animations tossed in for good measure..

Been buried in video production for the last couple of days, working on this demo reel, a followup to Logopalooza, our first video (at 60,000 views and counting, a pretty worthwhile endeavor.) Logopalooza 2 is a little more ambitious (even if it is smaller and shorter.) This video was setup as high-def, we’ve added a couple of Flash animations to the mix, tried to make it a little more snazzy than just fading a bunch of logos in and out. As part of the project, we also created opening and closing sequences that we can use in other productions. We also did the music (you can listen to ‘Crystal Palace’ in HIFI here.)


Video as promotion.

Video is a natural way for designers to showcase their work, and if our somewhat limited experience is any indication, a decent way to promote yourself through the various social networks like YouTube, Twitter and what have you. It’s not that terribly difficult either (though it does take a helluva lot of time and a lot of disk drive space – the source file for this project is around 30 gigabytes.) The video above was built in Flash using various logos, Flash .SWFs and movie clips. If you can get your head around that, you’re pretty good to go.

Technical questions?

If you need some technical info on converting your source Flash files to video, see here for the basics and here for a couple of tutorials. If you have any questions, drop ’em in the comment section and I’ll try to answer them.