Amy Douglas on June 17th, 2010

panda logo design final

A simple linear illustration of a Panda bear was the obvious choice for a line of fireworks called, oddly enough, Panda. And yes, the bear’s holding a firecracker.

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Arya is a leading firework and pyrotechnics manufacturer that markets their products under various lines and brand names. The newest addition to their family of products is the Panda brand, which made the development of this bear logo fairly straightforward. Client had already realized that, and the only instruction that Arya requested in their client brief, was that their new logo include a ‘neat looking Panda bear’.

Project notes:

Rather than a full blown illustrative treatment, our designers opted to take a linear design approach, breaking the bear artwork down to its basic components, and then into a solid color graphic. Due to the nature of foil and other packaging requirements, we needed to stay away from blends and other complex graphic elements. During initial stages of the logo design process, our designers pitched a couple of concepts that featured a Panda bear’s head as the central graphic:

panda logo concepts

We then developed several Panda bear characters, holding typical firecrackers,

panda logo concepts 2

before settling on the final bear character shown here in original concept form:

panda logo concepts 3

After we’d finalized on the overall design, it was simply a matter of fine-tuning the logo into the final mark, topping everything off with a fairly bold font treatment, using customized outline fonts, for the Panda brand name.

panda logo design final

While the design isn’t as realistic as some of our other animal logos (see the Chimpanzee SSP zoo logos for an example of a highly realistic rendering of a similar subject) it remains an effective custom logo design that’s adaptable for a wide range of packaging, advertising and marketing applications.

Originally published on The Daily Logo: March, 2007.

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