Steve Douglas on November 2nd, 2010

new york restaurant logo detail

New York skyline is incorporated into this design for a trendy New York eatery

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Christo’s New City Grill


Logo design for a sports bar, grill and eatery

Project notes:

When asked about the logo creation for Christos New City Grill & Restaurant, the client told us he wanted to add a New York City silhouette (he liked the skyline and it played up on the New City grill tagline). Our brief was simple – We were to create a stylized illustration, combined with a fairly simple logo font treatment. The client was concerned about maximum reproduction adaptability – there were serious brand plans; everything from menus, to letterheads, wearables to prefab signage. To accomplish this, we had to add a white backing outline (invisible in this version) that would give a printing base on which to print the blends and more subtle portions of the illustration.

new york restaurant logo

For the brand font, our designers selected Copperplate – a fairly common version – but modified it for a more custom look. Even out of the box font selections can work in the creation of most logos, as long as the designer pays attention to kerning (the variable spacing between letters) and adds a few design flairs to customize the letterforms. At the end of the day, it’s the little touches that go into making an effective brand design.

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