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diceman logo

Logo, character and game design for Dice Man, an award winning, old-fashioned board game.

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Dice Man Games


Logo, character and board game design

Project notes:

It’s not often that we get to design not only the company logo, but the entire product line itself. When we do, it’s an extremely rewarding process and it allows our designers to flex their creative muscles. Fun too. Such was dice man boardgamethe case for the Dice Man board game project during which we not only designed the logo (left), but the character, packaging (below) box lids, and the board game itself. Our designers consulted with the game developer throughout the process, and were even part of the game creation itself. When designing artwork for boxes of this nature, we have to design within already established printing specifications. Box manufacturers already have off-the-shelf die lines available (you can see some of the pink die lines in the artwork featured) and the assembly process is set up for particular sizes. Also, toy stores have shelves that are particular sizes, and the box has to fit within their displays.

dice man character

For the Dice Man project, our designers were given free reign, so we went for highly illustrative artwork, using vibrant colors and suitable font work.

dice man package design front

dice man box design back

When designing toy packaging, we have to remember to factor in government mandated warning labels and other legislated information. As this box was designed for the Canadian market, the box artwork (and all the instructional material) needed to be bilingual.

dice man board design

Dice Man won the Swedish gaming industry’s Årets Spel (Game of the Year) in the 2001 Children’s category. See our Studio blog for more on this board game design.

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