Steve Douglas on November 19th, 2010

bakery logo

An illustrative logo design project for a bakery in The Dominican Republic

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Guaraguano Bakery


Logo design project for a bread bakery. Logo to represent the company as well as being used on the company’s bread and other baked goods

Project notes:

Since the formation of online version of The Logo Factory in 1996, we’ve been working with clients from four corners of the globe. Case in point – our this logo design project for Guaraguano – a bakery based in the Dominican Republic. Guaraguano takes its name from a historic figure who governed an area know as Mocion, and it was this figure that was to be incorporated into the illustrative logo. The client also wanted certain scenic features to be used as a background as well as an illustration of someone making Cassava – a Yucca based bread and the main product of the bakery. Colors were preselected (red and blue) and the pose of the main figure was to portray a traditional Caribbean greeting. The tagline translates to “Always and more healthy from Dominican”.

Despite the numerous elements requested by the client, our designers were able to assemble a clean logo that is at home on product as on traditional marketing material like business card design and letterheads.

Originally published on The Daily Logo: January 3, 2005. Unlike our main logo design blog, new Daily Logos are NOT announced on our Twitter feed, but exclusively via our Facebook fan page. For more examples of our work, see our logo design portfolio.

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