Steve Douglas on October 14th, 2010

puffer fish clothing logo

A graphic representation of a puffer fish, complete with ‘stressed’ effect, make up this logo for a trendy clothing company

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Puff Nation Clothing


A logo design for a clothing company and label marketing to the hip-hop and skater markets

Project notes:

The client wanted a puffer fish as the main focus point of their new logo design. In order to play up the ‘attitude’ aspect of the planned clothing line, the fish was to be either void of emotion, or portrayed with a slight look of anger and/or unhappiness. The fish was also to be portrayed in ‘puff mode’ ie: inflated.

puffer fish clothing logo
As the logo was to be reproduced on a variety of media and fabrics, it needed to be as bold, simple and graphic as possible. Planned uses include reproduction on clothing, hats, shoes, and other related accessories. To accomplish the simplicity required, the fish was created from very simple, and easily reproduced, graphic shapes. Color was kept to a minimum for further ease of recognition. The original logo designs (above center) featured a distressed font and tagline, but in later versions the icon, once established, was to stand on its own.

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