Steve Douglas on September 27th, 2011

dolphin logo

Illustrative, dolphin themed logo for a family owned ice cream parlor

cmyk four color processillustrative logo
The central theme of this design is that of a fairly accurate dolphin and like most illustrative logo treatments, this example started off as a series of sketches and renderings before the artwork was vectorized into digital media. When aiming for an effective mascot logo, It’s important to ‘nail down’ the character before adding text and other other visual accents, and more often than not, these characters are developed the old fashioned way – with pencil and paper.

Steve Douglas on May 27th, 2011

laundromat logo design

Highly rendered cartoon logo for a family-owned laundromat

cmyk four color processillustrative logo
Been a while since we posted on The Daily Logo (not really daily then, is it?) but let’s get back at it. Today’s offering is this nifty little laundry logo for a family-owned laundromat. To create this design, we took a fairly illustrative approach with an anthropomorphic washing machine. Both the illustrative style and font choice were chosen to emphasize ‘speedy’, which just happens to be the name of the laundromat in question.

Steve Douglas on March 23rd, 2011

church group logo

Simple iconic logo design for a youth ministries church group

spot coloriconic logo
As more and more churches embrace marketing as a way to get their message out, more and more are turning to modern logos as part of their branding. Case in point, this logo for a youth ministries logo that employs a simple icon with a funky font style.

Steve Douglas on March 22nd, 2011

internet service provider logo

Logo design for an Internet services provider based in the Netherlands

spot coloriconic logo
Logo for an ISP in the Netherlands features an abstract icon based on a computer mouse. Designed in one color, this design is utilized in a wide range of applications.

Steve Douglas on March 21st, 2011

dragon logo

Dragon themed logo for an upscale toy company

cmyk four color processillustrative logo
Whimsical dragon character was designed to be non-threatening to younger children or their parents (the target audience) and was set up technically for store signage and posters. As the logo was created in vector format, the large reproduction sizes were not an issue.

Steve Douglas on March 20th, 2011

stock market logo

Dynamic bull icon makes up this logo for a stock market monitoring company

spot coloriconic logo
Hard to believe that this logo was designed by the shop over 13 years ago, illustrating the value of a timeless logo. Designed for a stock market monitoring company, the bull icon is almost breathtakingly simple, but still strong enough to stand on its own. This logo was also turned into a nifty Flash screensaver (click on the play button to launch).

play Flash animation

Steve Douglas on March 19th, 2011

butterfly logo

Delicate butterfly illustration forms the design focus of this logo for a rapid detox center

spot colorgraphic logo