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Main Case Study: Bliss Bridal & Wedding Salon.
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Wedding logo – Bliss Bridal & Wedding Salon.

Behind the Design Scenes: When our designers developed the logo for Bliss! (a New York based bridal services company specializing in wedding and engagement planning) we wanted to stay away from the tired (and true) icons generally associated with such a design. Namely – love hearts, doves, ribbons, etc. The company had a beautifully simple name (Bliss! as in ‘wedded bliss’) and the exclamation point added a really nice touch. It was a concept that demanded an atypical approach. In the preliminary sketches, our designers focused on the name – developing a skewed text treatment (the font is actually an off-the-shelf variant – see our font and typography resources for more info – that has been customized extensively). The client thought that the logo still needed some form of bridal image, so our designers worked up a rough sketch of a bride, replete in her wedding gown, while skimping on the details. We wanted to suggest a bride, rather than display a fully rendered illustrative icon. The logo was started in grayscale, and remained that was through the entire process (it still remains a monochromatic logo – even on the company’s web site).

That’s not to say that cliche (some might say traditional) imagery cannot be used effectively – see Here comes the Bride and Dream Collection Bridal elsewhere in our case studies. Similar wedding logos developed by our design studio include Payless Wedding Favors found in our Daily Logo Archives.

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