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Client: Sinister Muse Records
Design Category: Record Label
About: A corporate logo design for Sinister Muse Records – an innovative independent record label based in Chicago, Illinois. “Our goal is to create an atmosphere of mutual respect between the artist and the record company”.

Logo Brief: The client wanted to play off the ’sinister’ and ‘muse’ theme of their company name. Originally, the Sinister Muse logo was to have a Chicago image but that was discarded through subsequent phases of the creative process. After a few rounds of sketches, our designers came up with the featured figure that, despite the implied detail, is a fairly simple treatment using flat colors (as opposed to blends). While a little ‘risque’ for traditional brand, the sultry figure seemed perfect for a record company dealing with non-mainstream genres like the punk and bands featured on the label. The only point of contention through the project was the figure’s tattoo – the ‘dragon’ version featured here was discarded for a ’spider web’. The color selection was designed to be almost ‘halloweenish’ and fits the ’sinister’ theme as originally tasked by the client. Creating a logo using a character like this requires a designer who is fairly savvy at illustration, as well as knowledgeable at incorporation the artwork with logo fonts into a complete mark. Such logos can also be used in various situations and environments, lending itself to a variety of marketing possibilities.

From the label’s web site – Sinister Muse Records is a new and innovative independent record label. Our goal is to create an atmosphere of mutual respect between the artist and the record company. We promise to go beyond the typical record label experience and do whatever is necessary to build a strong bond between label and artist. We vow to support and develop the artist by being technologically vigilant, compulsively proactive, blindingly fair, keeping the artist’s vision in mind and giving them control of their sound. Sinister Muse is also the record label for Random 55, a Chicago based punk band that The Logo Factory recently designed a logo for.

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