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Pizza Logo – The Pepperoni Pony Pizzeria.

pizza logo design

Client: The Pepperoni Pony Pizzeria.
Design Category: Restaurant
About: Logo design for The Pepperoni Pony Pizzeria and Restaurants. Client wanted to develop a character based logo for use as both the corporate identity and mascot for their restaurants.

Logo Brief: Character based treatments are often requested by clients at The Logo Factory and it is this kind of workup that tests the mettle of any designer. While iconic logos can often be created through a trial-by-error process, sometimes even luck, a highly illustrative logo requires a minimum level of artistic prowess and skill to pull off (check some of our competitors portfolios). A graphic artist tackling a character based cartoon logo needs to combine traditional drawing skills with modern typography and technical know-how. Such was the case for the Pepperoni Pony Pizzeria and Pizza Company. The popular pizzeria wanted to create a new brand for their restaurants, but also wanted to develop a character that could be used in marketing and advertising. The logo needed to reproduce well on signage and storefront displays, as well as on traditional restaurant items such as staff shirts, aprons and menus. The logo needed to be simple enough for low-resolution media, but detailed enough to create an interesting rendering of the pizzeria’s pony mascot. As with most restaurant designs, the colors selected for The Pepperoni Pony would need to work well as themes for an eatery. The colors would eventually be worked into the interior design of the restaurants and needed to reflect the ‘wholesome’ and ‘home cooking’ theme that the owners wanted to convey. Our designers selected warm earth tones, complimented by rich reds and browns.

Logopalooza 2011: Logos and Flash animation samples

Logopalooza! 2011: Logo design demo reel

A sampling of design work from The Logo Factory®. 2 1/2 minute video features samples of logos and Flash animations. TLF produced soundtrack is also available as an MP3 download.
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