Lingerie logos

Lingerie logos – Silhouette Gallery & Boutique logo.

lingerie logos

Client: Silhouette Lingerie Shop.
Design Category: Fashion, Clothing
About: Logo design for Silhouette Gallery LLC is a company that imports and wholesales womens’ apparel, specializing in providing specialty (boutique) retailers with high quality apparel in the categories of lingerie and sleepwear. Silhouette also provides private label services for retailers and stores.

Logo Brief: For this project, the client was after a logo that portrayed the image of a professional business with high-end quality and fashionable beauty products. The design was also to reflect, and appeal to the target market – namely active women between 20 and 45 years old. Silhouette’s target demographic was also described as women “who like to wear functional everyday garments that makes them feel feminine, sexy, confident and successful”. The logo was also to invoke ideas of “movement, agility, freedom and comfort”. A tag line was to be added at a later date. As a starting point the client described a concept that was “somewhat abstract but suggestive, such as the outline of a woman’s figure or a piece of lingerie “. (Our designers chose to include both) and to avoid even a hint of ‘tackiness’. The client was adamant that they did not want a design that could be misinterpreted as a hairstyling salon or an art gallery. At the end of the day our artists had created a simple iconic lingerie design, complete with elegant fontography that seems to fit the client’s wishes perfectly.