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Ice cream logo – The Bean Coffee & Ice Cream

ice cream logo

Client: Cool Beans Ice Cream & Coffee Shop.
Design Category: Coffee Shop, Ice Cream Parlor
About: A logo design for Cool Beans, a gourmet coffee and ice cream shop also serving gourmet tea, smoothies, shakes..

Logo Brief: Cool Beans wanted our designers to create a cartoon character and mascot for their new coffee shop. Some of the ‘buzz words in their design brief – “Funky, fun, family-friendly, catchy, colorful but with some earthiness”. Once sent to the studio, our designers set about creating a series of character sketches, all based on a coffee bean, that could be integrated into the logo AND marketing material.

Developing a character or mascot takes a little time, as well as a lot of illustrator ability (one of the reasons that illustrative designs are not available through our Entry Level design packages). In the creation of a mascot, a lot of design time is spent in creating the character. Rather than starting with the high-tech tools, most character mascot designs begin the old fashioned way. Pencil and paper. Our designers generally begin with pencil doodles, which are sent to the client for approval and then through a series of design steps, are ‘tightened up’ until the desired character is created. In the case of Cool Beans, our designers went through several rounds of character development before settling on the final character that would form the main component of the logo.

Once the Cool Beans character was finalized, it was then scanned and turned into vector artwork. (necessary for most modern applications and traditional reproduction methods). The remaining sketches were archived should the client require images of the Cool Beans mascot in various positions and/or activities.

Cool Beans coffee shop mouse pad

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