HVAC logo

HVAC logo

Sun logo – Rays Air (Heating and Air Conditioning).

Client: Rayz Air Heating & Air Conditioning
Design Category: Home Services
About: A logo design for Rayz Air – air conditioning and heating company located in Tampa, Florida. Sells and services residential and commercial air conditioning and heating products. The company also services customer existing heating and cooling systems via maintenance agreements..

Logo Brief: The owners of Rayz Air had a fairly well-developed creative idea when they submitted their client profile to The Logo Factory. As the company was based in Florida, a sun (with rays) was to be incorporated as a main theme while strategic color selections would complete the imagery – blue in the design would represent cool, where the sun and red coloring would relate to heating.

“By use of the logo colors, we would like to cover the two services of the company and tie this together so the logo design is creative and fresh”.

Some miscellaneous concerns were also voiced – Since the logo is to be placed on the side of service vans and trucks, the client wanted the name of the company to be easily, and quickly read. Recognition factor was also critical – the logo was to make it easy to infer that it relates to an air conditioning company. Accordingly, we added ‘winter’ waves to the already designed sun logo.

Logopalooza 2011: Logos and Flash animation samples

Logopalooza! 2011: Logo design demo reel

A sampling of design work from The Logo Factory®. 2 1/2 minute video features samples of logos and Flash animations. TLF produced soundtrack is also available as an MP3 download.
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