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Car wash logo

Client: Splash Auto Wash.
Design Category: Car Wash & Services
About: A logo design for Splash Auto Wash, a new car wash chain in Detroit. The project involved designing a new brand for the company, with particular focus on the location’s LED sign boards.

Logo Brief: Designing any kind of cartoon logo needs a talented designer. The character (or mascot) needs to be ‘Disneyesque’ enough to be professional rather than ‘cheesy’ or gimmicky. The character has to enough character to be appealing, friendly and non-offensive. Technically speaking, the image has to be bold enough to reproduce at smaller sizes, as well as in lower resolution reproduction such as embroidery, silk-screen and in this case – signage and LED boards. Is also has to be a custom logo, as not to infringe on anyone else’s intellectual property.

Originally, the client had contracted the sign company to create the mascot and logo, but after several unsuccessful attempts, came to The Logo Factory to see what we could produce. We were given free reign to start from scratch (we did) and a few simple instructions – “I would like to see the generic car with a personality. Maybe with a smiling face. I like the idea the car splashing or making waves as it’s driving”.Splash Auto Wash sign

With their new marching orders, our designers began working on the car character, working from preliminary sketches and then into more finished renderings. The client was then given a few POV (points of view) as well as color studies to choose from. After the final car was selected, our designers created a complimentary text treatment for Splash Auto Wash and added the accent graphics – bubbles, water, etc. As a side note, once the logo was added to the actual sign (right), it was entered into a national signage competition where it landed in 3rd place. Nicely done.

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