Anniversary logo

anniversary logo

Client: The Logo Factory® Inc. (Internal marketing).
Design Category: Internal.
About: An internal logo design & icon created to commemorate The Logo Factory’s 10th Anniversary and a decade of being online (1996 – 2006). This design accent was used on all marketing and internal printed matter during 2007, at which point it was retired.

Logo Brief: It’s hard to believe that The Logo Factory has been around for the better part of fifteen years (read about our history). We’ve seen a lot of changes, and worked with 1,000s of clients from the four corners of the earth. To that end, and as a ‘celebration’ of sorts, we decided that we needed to create a 10th anniversary logo that could be used on web sites, mailers and on our (then) upcoming free logo book.

anniversary logo inset

Anniversary logo concepts

Our designers had originally envisioned a ‘shield’ icon (above), but quickly realized that this format was a little too ‘informal’ for the message we were trying to convey. While we like to think our design studio runs a little on the funky side, even we must bow to traditional norms once in a while. Alas, it seemed, we needed an ‘old fashioned’ anniversary logo, complete with elegant script and large numbers to drive the point home.

anniversary logo cog version

Anniversary logo initial render

Once our designers factored in the new rationale, they quickly came up with a new basis for the anniversary workup. Using our TLF motif (cogs) and typical anniversary logo fonts, a flat version was developed. Once the typography was ironed out, a 3D version of the cog was added, as well as some nuanced font work. In the end it turned out that we did want a visual ‘cliche’ albeit with a little TLF flair. While our 10th anniversary isn’t technically until 2006, dated logos need to be developed months in advance as to factor in the lead time of development and subsequent implementation.

Update: This page is now featured in our archives page, the material above is over three years old and may seem a little dated. For what it’s worth, we DID use the icon developed for an entire year (to decent response) and retired it in January 2007.

Logopalooza 2011: Logos and Flash animation samples

Logopalooza! 2011: Logo design demo reel

A sampling of design work from The Logo Factory®. 2 1/2 minute video features samples of logos and Flash animations. TLF produced soundtrack is also available as an MP3 download.
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