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Unless otherwise specified and/or credited all images, artwork, logo fonts, graphic design, logos and logotypes, animation examples, Logopalooza! manuals and/or downloads are the copyright and/or trademark of The Logo Factory. All rights reserved. All other images are the copyright and/or trademark of the respective owners. Certain photography used on our site is copyright iStock, or Comstock. Used by permission under license.

The information presented on the The Logo Factory web sites, manuals and related downloads is copyright 1996 through 2015 by The Logo Factory Inc. All rights reserved. This copyright does not supersede any copyrights that may exist in the logos, artwork and designs presented. These works are copyright and/or trademarked by the various owners. Any authorized reproduction of this material shall be reported to the original holder of said copyright or trademark. We also reserve the right to publish incidents any unauthorized usage of TLF or our client material on our website. Such publication is not in lieu of legal action and we further reserve the right to take whatever legal action deemed necessary. By utilizing this web site you agree to the terms of use as stated here.

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Licensed Team TLF Resellers and approved TLF Sales Associates may utilize certain images and/or text from our website in their marketing materials, but any such reproduction is subject to prior written permission by The Logo Factory Inc. and subsequent approval of the usage of same. Any further usage of images, text and/or graphics from this web site is expressly forbidden. Images and text that have been previously approved for all licensed resellers are available directly from the limited access area of the TeamTLF web site.

The Logo Factory will assist any clients in the protection of their copyright, trademark or intellectual property, in the case of unauthorized or illegal reproduction of any kind. Please report any suspected unauthorized copyright and/or trademark usage or reproduction to The Logo Factory via our contact form.

Free artwork & downloads.

Any Morgue File artwork presented for use on The Factory Floor are for the use of the authorized client. All Morgue File images, designs, and material are copyright of The Logo Factory Inc. and may not be resold, added to clip art collections or any other unauthorized form of distribution or reproduction without the express written permission of The Logo Factory Inc.

Use of website material.

The material featured on and respective pages are offered for individual or commercial information only and as such are offered on a ‘as is’ basis. Any other use of graphic material, logos and logotypes found on including mirroring or copying any part of the site is prohibited without the express written consent of The Logo Factory Inc. or their authorized representatives. Visitors are permitted (encouraged even) to link to this site.

Work in progress copyrights.

The artwork, images and logotypes previewed in the ‘Factory Floor’ section of are for client preview purposes only. Until final design balance is paid as per standard contract with The Logo Factory Inc. all logos, artwork, concepts and designs remain the copyright and exclusive property of TLF Inc. This material may not be reproduced in any other way without the prior written consent of The Logo Factory Inc. or our agents. The Logo Factory Inc. reserves the right to utilize and/or reproduce any image, logo or illustration created by The Logo Factory Inc., in ‘The Factory Floor’, in advertising, electronic or traditional reproduction, with the addition of any copyright and/or trademark notice that may be requested by the owner of the work. By entering this protected section of, you agree and consent to these terms and conditions. If you have any questions about these terms, or would like information about licensing images and/or materials from please feel free to contact us.

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