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Logo design projects for construction projects can often be a little frustrating for anyone but the most experienced designer. Many construction company design projects are overseen by the front office staff – the principals are generally out in the field – and often the project takes on a ‘broken telephone’ aspect (read our design project tips on how to avoid this). However, with a little prodding and a little patience, practically every project for a construction company will end up with a logo that both the designer and client are proud of. Unlike individual contractors, construction companies want a more corporate approach (there ARE exceptions – see the Bloated Fish Concrete Works logo in our main galleries for an example) as they are creating a brand – not just a pretty logo to hang on a sign. There are certain logo uses that may restrict some design elements – logos for construction companies are generally used on signs, truck doors and the like, so a certain simplicity is called for.

Technical aspects of construction logos. File formats and usage

Without a doubt ANY project for a construction company must end up with vector format files. This is the ONLY format that digital sign plotters can work with, and is the only way to transfer a logo onto a ‘peel-and-stick’ vinyl sticker that can be placed on the side of a truck. To further complicate matters, corporate identities developed for home builders and contractors may require a more nuanced approach as there are different marketing sensibilities that need to be factored in. In any case, if you’re in the market for a new look for your construction-based business, we’re sure that our design company is more than up for the task.

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