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Some design firsts & bragging rights

While it’s certainly true that you’re only as good as your last gig (particularly true in the logo design business,) there’s also something to be said about being first. If only for bragging rights, it’s always nice to lay claim to being the first at something. Same thing around here. While other logo design companies will claim to be the fastest, the cheapest and even the biggest, our studio can always claim to have been on the vanguard of the online design industry – particularly how it relates to logo design and working with remote clients. Nobody can take that bragging right away. Off the of our head, here’s a few firsts from our shop:

1st online logo studio

We always believed that by showcasing a wide range of designs, industry types and styles we could show off our experience while serving as design inspiration and ‘idea bank’ for clients and designers alike. Our ever-changing logo design gallery continues that philosophy.

1st real ‘click & mortar’ studio behind our website.

Many logo design websites are just that – a website – with little, or no, business substance behind them, or it’s a network of disparate freelance designers that ‘compete’ against each other by entering unpaid logo design contests. The Logo Factory was the first ‘real’ design studio or graphic design firm to specialize in custom logo design AND offer web based services.

1st design studio with online project submission.

When we started working with clients remotely, we generally received client profiles via e-mail (while technically online, still rudimentary) fax or simply over the phone. In order to streamline our process, we developed a series of online order forms that would prompt clients to fill our their creative briefs. Now, everyone’s got them, but in 1996 – pretty funky stuff.

1st design studio with online projects preview.

Flying by the seat of our pants in ’96 (the internet technology wasn’t what it is today) we needed to be able to send images to clients for preview throughout the entire logo design process. E-mail was iffy (large attachments tended to get bounced) and besides, wasn’t it better to feature the work on a website, where clients could view it regardless of where they where at any time of the day? That prompted us to develop our Factory Floor client pages concept, something which every logo design company uses today.

1st logo design company to offer ‘flat-rate’ packages.

When we started up, we offered logo design services at a flat rate but realized that some potential clients didn’t have the budget, or didn’t require all the ‘bells and whistles’ of more extensive design solutions. Client requirements were different, so TLF developed a range of ‘logo design packages’ tailored for different client needs. We still feature them as part of our design pricing.

Now, after thousands of company logos and almost twenty years later, we still serve as the source of inspiration (and ideas) for other graphic design companies the world over. Some, more subtle than others. Some of our competitors have even told us as much. What does it all mean? Not much really. As Jeff Kearl, then marketing head of Logoworks told us a long time ago on a design forum:

“I don’t care who was first in Internet logo design. You can be if you want. Just write it on your website. You won’t sell more logos.”

And he’s right. At the end of the day, it’s by our work that we get judged. On the other hand, we think, it could be argued that these ‘firsts’ and innovations showcase The Logo Factory‘s commitment to creativity and originality. Something that’s even more evident when it comes to how we work with our clients, and what we can bring to your new project.

And if Jeff’s reading this page, thanks for the advice.

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