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A few words from TLF founder & creative director

As a business owner, my story is probably quite similar to yours – I always wanted to run my own ‘gig.’ I started The Logo Factory as a ‘one-man shop,’ fueled only by “a wing and a prayer” on my kitchen table. I dealt with the trials and tribulations of any new business endeavor. And I worked lots of long hours (as did the original TLF crew.) It’s why I still feel a special affinity for the small and mid-sized business owner. In many ways I’m just like most of our clients. Steve Douglas Creative DirectorAnd while we’ve grown over the years, and our client base has expanded, that basic understanding of our clients, and resultant core mission, has always remained the same – making you look good at reasonable rates.

Our studio heritage.

As hard as it is to believe, at one point we were one of the only (if not the only) studio that had hung up a ‘logo design‘ shingle on the internet. No longer. Over the years, the market has exploded, with new online logo design companies launching yet another web site every week. Some, unfortunately, even less professional than the last. And each with more improbable sales pitches than the last. Truth be told, we could offer the same ‘shake-and-bake’ solutions that many other design companies do. We could promise you the moon in order to get you to sign-up for a project. But then we’d have to change how we go about working with our clients – the very thing that makes us different. We’d have to sub out your project to untested designers whose experience and skill set would be appropriate to the amount of money they’re being paid. Certainly not the logo experts that people have come to expect from our ‘shop.’

Sticking to our core mission.

Alternatively, we could offer ready-made ‘template solutions’ – selling a library of clip art logos and/or logo templates over and over again to different people – we certainly have the library for it, but that’s a severely flawed way to build a brand for any product or service. We could run a logo design contest or ‘crowdsourcing‘ platform that would see your identity being created by people who may or not be designers, often at the expense of originality or worse, the legality of the designs themselves. But then, we’d be just like everyone else – promising more and more, just to get your business, while ignoring the most vital part of this equation – the integrity of the logo itself. We’d rather be up front with our clients and accordingly, we’re going to be straight with you.

What we won’t do.

We won’t promise you impossible ‘buy now’ pitches. Our rates are comparable. Our turnarounds are realistic and our various logo design packages make sense. We’ll offer a limited guarantee on our services (unlike the other guys who promise a 100% guarantee that actually isn’t). We won’t lure you in with the myth of unlimited revisions, but we’ll only charge you for work that’s done on your project. We offer only original logos, not off-the-shelf logo templates. If sleight-of-hand sales pitches are what impress you, then the ‘other guys’ are probably your best choice. In all honesty, you’ll probably end up with a perfectly serviceable, if not award-winning (and in some cases, overdone and unoriginal), solution. If, on the other hand, you’re after solid, original logo design from some of the industry’s most experienced professionals, then The Logo Factory might be the ticket. We’ll let our design examples in our Design Galleries speak for themselves – that’s our bottom line. To us, that’s what counts. And at The Logo Factory we’ll always be straight with you regarding our services, our logo design pricing and more importantly, your new logo itself. About that, we’re always on the same page – you want a logo that you’re proud to show to the world as representing your company. We want to design a logo that we’re proud of too as that’s what we do.

Help for do-it-yourselfers & self-starters.

Over the years, we’ve come to understand that many of our clients are new to the logo design process. This may be your first business attempt. Or, you may have used other services in the part without achieving the results you’re after. That’s why we’re here. And if you don’t task TLF when it comes to buying your new logo, that’s okay too – we’re happy to offer a myriad of logo and other self-help material in our Design Help Center that should help if you decide to work with someone else. If you’re really on a budget, we offer stock logos from our inventory for exclusive buy out (we don’t sell ANY logo to more than one buyer.) Want to go it alone? You can always download free artwork from our Morgue Files.

Choosing TLF?

If, on the other hand, you want a truly unique logo, choose to utilize The Logo Factory as your personal design studio and as part of your small business marketing arsenal, let me be the first to thank you.

And welcome you to our family of clients.


Founder/Creative Director

The Logo Factory Inc.

About Steve Douglas

steve-sueSteve Douglas is the founder and creative director of The Logo Factory and has been involved in the graphic design and arts field for over thirty years. Having studied traditional illustration at Sheridan College of Visual Arts (Brampton), as well as traditional art and photography at Ontario College of Art and Three Schools (Toronto) Steve has been a magazine art director, photographer, as well as an ad agency art director until he founded his own freelance studio in 1990. This freelance project evolved in 1996 via the Internet into The Logo Factory. He lives in the outskirts of Toronto with his lovely wife Sue, children Amy & Matthew, three dogs, two cats and far too many fish to count. To talk shop with Steve, you can always read his regular postings on  The Logo Factory design blog and podcast series.

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