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A great logo is the cornerstone of your company brand. Take a look at some of the logos we’ve built for clients just like you.

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Even in this digital age, well-designed business cards & letterheads remain invaluable brand ambassadors. Here’s what we’ve done..

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3D Flash

Making logos move was a natural extension for our shop. Some logo animations from our vaults, set up in video format to play on most devices.

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Your logo is a pivotal part of your brand, it isn’t the entire picture. Your “look & feel” involves everything else.

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Case Studies

Behind the scenes of logo & design projects. Interesting timelines, alternative concepts and a peek at how we work.

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Company Logos & Design Examples

A series of company logos and project tips featuring examples from our gallery. Select the type of company or industry you’d like to review logos or design tip sheets for.

Restaurant Logos

When it comes to design latitude, logos created for restaurants & food service companies have perhaps the widest range available..

Automotive Logos

There is no fast-and-true rule for automotive logos – every instance has unique parameters, depending on the car company involved…

Cartoon Logos

Cartoon logos are certainly not for every company, product or service but if utilized correctly, can breathe new life into a brand identity..

Real Estate Logos

When it comes to their logo design, real estate agents and realtors are varied in their tastes and design expectations..

Toy Company Logos

A toy company needs a killer logo for their toys – as well as their companies – this art will make or break their product packaging. ..

Medical & Healthcare Logos

As the subject matter can often be serious, logos created for medical and healthcare companies must walk a fairly thin line..

Sports Company Logos

Sponsorship & advertising deals mean these kind of logos are amongst the most heavily used types of brands in the industry. ..

Entertainment Logos

It’s a pretty safe bet that any logo designed for an entertainment company is at one time or another, cutting edge..

Simple Logos

Simple design treatments are usually requested by companies that are trying (or need) to brand under a flag of stability..

Church & Community Logos

While not technically companies in the absolute sense, churches, charities and communities should certainly brand themselves as if they were. ..

Construction & Contractor Logos

Logos for construction companies favor primary & secondary colors – reds, oranges and yellows. You definitely want to avoid any pastels..

Landscaping Company Logos

Grass. Water. Leaves. There are only so many elements that come to mind when proposing a corporate logo for a landscaping company..

Information about company logos, design & branding:

Design Podcasts

Listen to our design podcast The Logo! Factor which tackles logo and design themed subjects, issues & news.

Our Studio Blog

Our regularly updated design blog features the latest logo design news, advice, opinions, tutorials, freebies and more.

Design Help

Our library of design & branding resources. Articles & features on technical specs, logo types & copyright..

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Company Logos

A categorized portfolio of company logos, graphic design, brand projects and related artwork. Everything in our galleries was produced in-house by our design team. Be sure to check back once in a while – we frequently update our galleries with new logos and case studies.

Our Own Company Brands

How much do we believe in the power of a great logo? A lot. Take a look at what we did when it came to branding our own company merchandise and internal projects.

A Logo For Your Own Company?

We have a ton of frequently updated branding tips for startups on our blog.


A free digital magazine about logos and design. Examples, case studies, news, trivia and more. No subscription required, just come and get it. Logopalooza! 4 currently shipping. L5 available May 6.

Logo Design Help

Some articles on developing a logo for your company..

“Ask yourself a few questions starting with these:
1) What are the short term, mid range and long-term goals of your company or the product/service you are developing?
2) Are you going to be competing for the attention of prospective clients and customers in a crowded marketplace?
3) Will you be entering an already thriving industry and – let’s not be coy – fighting to ‘steal’ business away from other, more established companies?”

Do You Need A Logo?

Straightforward questions may help you decide

“The whole idea of a logo is that it’s supposed to be associated with your company. That’s it’s job, and pretty much the entire concept of what a logo is. The problem is, a bad logo associates with your company just as easily as a good one does.”

Starting Out Right

Startup is not the time to take shortcuts

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