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A great company logo design can be the cornerstone of your brand. Take a look at some of the logos we’ve built for companies just like yours.

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Well-designed business cards & letterheads remain invaluable company brand ambassadors. Here’s what we’ve done over the years..

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Case Studies

Go behind the scenes of company logo design projects. Creative timelines, alternate versions and a peek at how we can work for you.

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Company Logo Design By The Logo Factory

Ready for a new logo for your company, product or service? Our design company has been creating great brands for companies just like yours since 1996. What can we create for you?

About Our Company

Learn a little about our company. Who we are, where we came from and why you can trust us to design your company logo..

Cartoon Logos

Cartoon logos are certainly not for every company, product or service but if utilized correctly, can breathe new life into a brand identity..

Automotive Logos

There is no fast-and-true rule for automotive logos – every instance has unique parameters, depending on the car company involved…

Medical & Healthcare Logos

As the subject matter can often be serious, logos created for medical and healthcare companies must walk a fairly thin line..

Toy Company Logos

A toy company needs a killer logo for their toys – as well as their companies – this art will make or break their product packaging. ..

Real Estate Logos

When it comes to their logo design, real estate agents and realtors are varied in their tastes and design expectations..

Entertainment Logos

It’s a pretty safe bet that any logo designed for an entertainment company is at one time or another, cutting edge..

Sports Company Logos

Sponsorship & advertising deals mean these kind of logos are amongst the most heavily used types of brands in the industry. ..

Simple Logos

Simple design treatments are usually requested by companies that are trying (or need) to brand under a flag of stability..

Information about company logos, design & branding:

Our Legacy Blog

Looking for our old blog? You’ll find it here. An archive of studio blog posts and design articles from September 2005 – July 2015..

The Logo Factor For Buyers

Before buying a new company logo, it’s best to learn some things about the process, what you can expect and what to avoid..

Design Help

Our library of design & branding resources. Articles & features on technical specs, logo types & copyright..

Ready To Build Your Own Company Logo?

You can submit your project & client via our online submission forms and we’ll do the rest. Preview your project on our Factory Floor client area.

Fresh & Featured Logos

Lovingly built by hand in The Logo Factory studio.
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Company Logo Design

A gallery of company logos, design, branding projects and related artwork. Everything you’ll find in our portfolio was developed in-house by our design team. Be sure to check back often – we frequently freshen up our galleries with new designs and case studies.

Our Own Company Brands

How much do we believe in the power of a great company logo? A lot. Take a look at our internal brands for examples of how we develop and design logos for our own company.

Logo Design Help

Some articles on developing a logo for your company..

Several design contest platforms are now selling what they refer to as “ready-made” company logos with “free customization.” What they really are is rejected submissions from contests that are re-bundled as stock logos that can be bought exclusively (if you get to it first) or by a whole bunch of people (if you don’t.) Despite the word “free” being crowbarred into the description, here’s what they’re actually saying: “Buy one of our rejected contest entries and we’ll slap your company name into the spot that now says Company Name..”

Are Free Logos Really Free?

Or do they come with a price?

“We can certainly discuss if your company needs a logo and probably should. Before that, we’re going to take a little side trip, right to ground zero. That one crucial step you need to take before we attempt to put pen to paper, or pixel to monitor – the name of your company itself. Even if you’ve already decided on a nifty name and are ready to forge ahead, this step is still fairly crucial – we’ll also take a look at how we’ll work with the company name you have..”

Naming Your New Company

An important part of marketing is having a memorable name to market

More branding articles in our Design Help Center

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