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Brands for coffee shops, cafes, bistros and roasters.

Featured coffee-themed logo projects from our logo design gallery.

Misol Cafe

Logo project for an upscale sidewalk cafe and coffee shop. Rather than incorporating the usual coffee visual metaphors into the design – mugs, coffee beans, etc – we took a more interpretive approach.


The Coffee Courier

Logo project for a coffee delivery service. The Coffee Courier was to deliver premium coffees and brewing equipment to a primarily commercial clientele. The design was to evoke a “retro” theme.


Henderson Coffee

Redesign of a logo for Henderson Coffee, an Oklahoma-based premium coffee roaster that’s been around since 1944. The new logo features upgraded typography, a hand-drawn coffee mug icon..


T. Allen Coffee Company

Logo project for a coffee roaster & distribution company. Design features very simple graphic depictions of light and dark coffee beans as the central theme. Color palette is based on various mocha shades of brown..


Cinnamon Grove

A rebrand for a coffee shop and deli franchise. Cinnamon Grove are just around the corner from our studio so they dropped in one day to have their logo fixed up. What started as a simple repair turned into an overhaul..


Fusion Cafe & Coffee House

There are loads of coffee shop logos that feature coffee cups, usually with ringlets of steam hovering over the rim, and while those types of designs are fine, they’re just not terribly unique..


Coffee Unlimited

Brand development for Coffee Services Unlimited – a company that provides catering services to offices and businesses offering a selection of gourmet coffees, teas and related items. We tried to avoid using the ubiquitous coffee cup. We really did..


Bull & Goat Cafe

Logo and stationery design for a coffee house and cafe that was located in Amherst, New York. The design featured stylized treatments of the cafe’s namesakes – a bull and a goat – and is a perfect example of what is possible with restrained illustration..


Pure Soul Coffee Co.

Linear graphic brand development for Pure Soul, a New Mexico based retail coffee shop that focuses on espresso, natural smoothies and fresh squeezed juices. The location will also serve as a showcase for live blues band music and local art exhibitions..


More Than Coffee

Brand identity project for a coffee shop and lounge that also featured a deli counter and nightly entertainment. More Than Coffee! Lounge wanted people to feel at home in their cafe. What better way to show that than a big comfy couch.

Mojo Mama's

The concept behind Mojo Mama’s was that of a spectral, yet friendly, witch-like character who lived in the woods “serving up tasty brews.” Design was to incorporate a “rustic” nature & “attractive” central character..


The Beaver's Mug

The Beaver’s Mug. A semi-illustrative logo for a Canadian coffee shop, cafe and bistro. Design eschews typical visual elements and features a ubiquitous Canadian beaver & maple leaf while still managing to be unique..


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