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Logo Repair & Cleanup

Already have a great logo and just need it spruced up? Maybe you’re missing the digital files you need to go to print? Our logo repair services can help.

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Clean Up Your Logo – Repair, Refresh & Upgrade Your Brand

We’ll repair and clean up your logo, creating all the file formats you’ll need – print, web, and electronic– and supply you with all the digital material required to effectively manage your brand logo, consistently and economically.

Logo repair & cleanup services: information and pricing

Logo Repair & Cleanup

Do you need a logo repair or a logo design project? Learn more about our logo cleanup services to decide..

Logo Repair & Cleanup FAQ

Have a question about our logo repair and cleanup services? Here’s the questions we get asked the most at our studio..

Basic Logo Repair Pricing

Let our design team clean up your logo and create pristine, professionally formatted files for print & web..

File Formats Overview

A look at the assets you’ll need to effectively manage your brand. If you don’t have these, you’ll need us to create them..

Complex Logo Repair Pricing

Is your logo complex and illustrated? Do you need rough concepts taken to render? Our complex repair will do it..

Changing File Formats

If you only have low resolution images of your logo, we’ll need to create pristine vectors. Here’s why..

Logo repair & cleanup – some examples & case studies

Logo Cleanup & Render

Logo cleanup & rendering project for World Blackjack Champ Ken Einiger. Extensive rework of a broken design..

Converting Bitmap to Vector

Without vector versions of your logo, even supposedly simple color changes are difficult, if not impossible..

Logo Repair & Render

Client had lost their original files. Converting low resolution bitmap files into unlimited resolution vector formats..

3D Logo to Vector

By default, most 3D rendering software creates images that are pixel-based. You’ll still need a vector version..

Complex Logo Repair

This repair project illustrates the design skills required to render a vector logo from original watercolor artwork..

Photoshop to Vector Conversion

Photoshop is great software. But it was never meant to create logos with. Converting PS art to vector versions..

Need Help With Your Logo?

For the latest in branding articles and technical advice, check out our logo design help center.

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Logo Clean Up

If your logo artwork has become blurry, or developed a bad case of the jaggies, your logo files have probably been saved and re-saved, sometimes after the design has been enlarged. This will cause pixels to become visible and your logo will appear fuzzy, blurred and will show jagged edges as the individual pixel squares become noticeable.

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Logo Repair

To repair your logo, our designers take ‘diamond in the rough’ artwork – be it blurry digital images or a hard copy printed version – and clean it up manually using professional design software to create a vector based source file. As we’re logo perfectionists at our studio, we opt for hand rendering each and every time – auto tracing images through software tend to be unpredictable and unable to create ‘clean’ files. Once we have this vector logo, we can create bitmap based images, .JPGs and .PNGs. for example, at any size and at any resolution. Vector files are practically required to print anything.

Logo design file format guide

Download our free logo format guide

Logo design file formats, their applications and the differences between vectors and bitmaps, JPG & PNG and other commonly used logo formats. A must for the do-it-yourselfer


Why you might need a logo repair to manage your brand:

A look at vector files, why they’re important in designing logos and why you shouldn’t ever design a logo in Photoshop.

What is a Vector?

3.5 minute video explainer

A logo REPAIR project is appropriate when:

1) You already have some preliminary material for us to work from, bitmap images for example, or you already have a logo that requires some touch-up, cleanup or a name change.

2) If you already have a logo and wish to have it cleaned up, ‘modernized’, a name change added, or your logo converted from a bitmap version to a vector file.

3) If you have low-resolution files of your logo and require high-resolution versions, or you wish to change colors or typography on an old printed version of your design.

4) If you have a logo that is in a non-digital format (ie: already printed) and need it to be digital, scalable and adaptable to a wide range of media.

Repair vs. Design

Which is appropriate for your project?

“As a client, buyer or end user of a logo, it may be outside your realm of expertise, and the array of logo files you receive from a designer may seem terribly confusing. We’ve written several file format guides before, but they’ve been somewhat technical in nature, probably too complex and detailed for the average do-it-yourself business person. You don’t care about the whys and wherefores, fancy terms and explanations. You simply want to get stuff done with your new logo. Hopefully, this guide will help..”

Logo file formats. A DIY design client’s guide

Which logo files do what and which file to use when

“Whenever you hire anyone to create your logo, you’ll end up – or should end up – with some (or all) of these files and image types. This quick reference guide illustrates the strengths and weaknesses of each. While there are exceptions to every design ‘rule’, this guide will serve as a fairly comprehensive outline of format uses for your new company logo.. ”

Files & Formats: Quick Reference Guide

What files you'll need to manage your logo

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