Wishing you and yours a Happy Holidays from the gang at our studio.

Thought I’d take a few moments to post some Holiday well wishes to all friends, clients and readers of our website. It’s been a great year around the shop – thanks to your continued support – and we’d all like to wish you, and yours, a very Merry Christmas. On a business note, our studio will be closing up early on Wednesday, Christmas Eve (probably around 12:30 EST or so) and we’ll remain ‘officially’ closed until the 29th, when we’ll assume normal business hours through to New Year’s Eve. We’ll still be checking e-mails, so don’t hesitate to give us a shout over the holidays. As for me, I’m outta here. Got some prezzies that need wrapping…
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Steve Douglas
Creative Director
The Logo Factory Inc.

Studio Holiday Hours

Wednesday, Christmas Eve, December 24 – closing at 12:30 pm EST.
Thursday, Christmas Day, December 25 – closed (available by e-mail only.)
Friday, Boxing Day, December 26 – closed (available by e-mail only.)

Behind the scenes

Like every design project, “Christmasing-up” our logo needed some thought and rationale behind the changes. Here’s the case study:
The Logo Factory Christmas logo 1 - conversion to colorRather than take the easy way out and just add some crap snow to our logo, we decided that we’d work with The Logo Factory house and create an over-the-top Christmas themed design. Over the years, our house logo has been rendered into black and white (1), so we went back to our original color scheme of purple and teal (a groovy color combo back in 1996 when our little factory was originally created.) We added the light in the upstairs window (as per the original) and some highlights around the others to break them out visually (2.)
The Logo Factory Christmas logo - adding an open door and presentsThe first thing we realized was that the door on our house was closed. Not very inviting considering the Christmas theme and all, so we opened it (3,) adding a swath of light coming from within. Much more welcoming for our guests. No Christmas theme is complete without presents, so we added those to the logo ‘conveyor belt’ of the original design, changing the color of the ‘logo boxes’ to a festive red, adding some gold bows and ribbons (4.)
The Logo Factory Christmas version - tree and wreathWe’d need to add some Christmas accoutrements so we worked up a funky tree and wreath. The style needed to jive stylistically with the original art, and the wreath needed to fit with the perspective of the house (5.)
The Logo Factory Xmas logo - adding tree and wreathThe Christmas swag was then dropped onto the house art. The tree was a simple addition (6) but we had to move the registered symbol out of the way to accommodate the wreath (7.)
The Logo Factory Christmas design - adding lightsWhat Christmas house is complete without some festive lighting? We added some simple lights (using Illustrator transparency feature for the glow) keeping in mind logistically where the lights went in front, and behind, the roof planes (8.) In order to complete the lighting effect, we had to drop a black background behind everything (9.) With the artwork finished, it was simply a matter of adding our Merry Christmas salutation. Rather than use some sappy or scripty Christmas typography, we went with our standard logo font. A little color change on the cogs and we’re all set (below.)

the-logo-factory-christmas-cardAnd there you have it – the logo design process for our official 2014 TLF Christmas card.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!