We update a old design news feature, roll out some new logos for it & announce a schedule that we probably won’t keep. Some blog housecleaning announcements.

snippets-note-left-SMWe first started our Snippets feature over seven years ago – February 3, 2010 to be precise as a way to write about logo related bits and pieces that didn’t quite fit anywhere else or weren’t worthwhile fleshing into full-blown articles. A little on the snarky side, they’ve always been fun to do but rather than being a quick and dirty way to get design related “snippets” out there, they ended up taking as long, if not longer, than regular posts. Over the years they devolved into a series of Twitter embeds without the commentary snark, missed out on a lot of news, and have been an on again, off again affair since their inception. We keep promising to make them regular, but then they’re not, so the feature – while popular with regular readers of the blog – never really caught major traction. And now, against all better judgement, we’re gonna try the damn thing again.

Rebranding to Logo Go Round.

The first thing we’re gonna do is change the name. For a design studio that supposedly specializes in branding, Snippets is about as non-branded as you can get. Truth to tell, the name was never intended to be, it was thrown into the mix way-back-when as a placeholder until we could figure out what to call it and the name just stuck. Which is a shame. While it accurately describes what it is, Snippets doesn’t say what it’s about – bite-sized bits about logos and design. Worse, the feature never even had an actual logo, which is kind of ironic for a blog that’s supposed to be about logos and design – we usually slap a logo on everything. To fix both these oversights, we’ll be renaming the (hopefully regular) feature to Logo Go Round – the winner of a straw poll over the second choice Logo A Go-Go (though anyone familiar with my history will know the name Logo Go Round is a throwback to a monthly gossip column I used to write and assemble for a magazine I served as art director for.) You can see how this will play out here.

And now, the logos..While the Snippets post-it note ‘bug’ was a decent idea at the time, it’s well past its “use before date” so we’ve worked up a new mark for the enterprise. The new design is from a new family of logos we developed for the shop and will be rolling out in the next couple of months in various places. They’re based on a “World Tour” motif – we’ll tell you about that later – that’s a little funky and informal, while still remaining true to our main, and supposedly serious, corporate logo. We managed to slide in a Snippets tagline as a hat tip to the old format but now it says what Logo Go Round is about, rather that not saying what Snippets is about.


A Logo Go Round schedule?

Any efforts to date have been along the lines of “when we feel like it” and “when we’re not bogged down with design projects” variety but as much as it seems like a very, very bad idea, we’re even going to try and have an actual, honest-to-goodness Logo Go Round schedule.We’re thinking three times a week to start. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays seem like good bets, so there ya go – that’s the schedule. We’ll start in a week. You’ll be able to tell in a few days – 9 to be exact – how successfully we managed to stick to our self-imposed grindstone. Considering our past history with this rig, I’m not putting any money on it.

Designing the logos was fun though.