Cartoon Pizzeria Logo

A cartoon logo design isn’t for everyone

But it can certainly bring life to a brand

Cartoon logos are certainly not for everybody, or every company, and when utilized their design and development must be tailored very carefully to the market and theme of the corporate entity depicted.

Cartoon mascot logoWhen are cartoon logos not appropriate? Imagine a bank with a cartoon character as their main brand mark. Hardly inspires an aura of strength or reliability (though some banks and financial institutions use mascots as sub-brand elements in collateral marketing.) In some cases, a cartoon logo is entirely appropriate, especially when trying to demonstrate unorthodox ideas or concepts, or when marketing to a particular group of people. Such was the case with In Box Diet, who wanted to portray their spam filtering service in a light-hearted manner while still appealing to the widest market possible. After developing the e-mail character, our designers created several versions of the logo – a shielded version (left) and a horizontal aspect version (right) that was to be used in website & blog headers. Horizontal mascot logo

Character logos have the additional benefit of being adaptable to various situation . The characters can be brought to life and placed in environments to illustrate various aspects of the company or service. Almost like actors that can be used to read your corporate script.

Some brands call out for a cartoon.

Some logo design projects even cry out for a cartoon or whimsical treatment. See the logos we developed for Condoms & Company (left) Condom Smart, Froggie’s Bait Dock and Snow Men (below.) Cartoon Condom LogoCartoon logos also have the added benefit of being very popular on T-shirts and other premium incentive material. As such, cartoon and mascot logos are very common with bars, nightclubs and eateries – especially those who are marketing to a younger audience. Sports team logos featuring mascots and cartoons are also very popular. If you’re thinking about having us design a cartoon logo for your product, company or service, keep this mind. Because of the additional steps and complexity involved, these kind of logos are only available through the purchase of our professional logo design packages and higher.

Should you utilize a cartoon logo in your brand?

The bottom line – if you’re ready to brand your company with a mascot logo, and it fits your market segment, there’s nothing wrong with this type of approach. In fact, a company mascot is the route of many Fortune 500 companies – think McDonald’s (who have an entire range of character trademarks,) Wendy’s, Burger King, Michelin Tires and Pixar – all of whom utilize mascots in a substantial portion of their marketing if not as their actual main logo. And let’s not forget the grand-daddy of cartoon character based companies – Walt Disney and their famous mouse. Nobody’s going to claim that any of these corporations are foolish for using cartoons in their corporate identity.

Cartoon logo examples

See here for more examples of cartoon and mascot logos.

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