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You’ve probably heard a lot about design crowdsourcing by now. Let’s take a partially impartial, less than unbiased look at this phenomenon..

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25 Steps

Here’s 25 steps to getting a great logo for your company, product or service. Some things to avoid and some things you really shouldn’t do..

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Free Logos

It sounds great, but it may surprise you to find out that the ‘free logos’ you were promised on the internet aren’t actually free at all..

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A Guide For Buyers & Clients

In the market for a new logo or brand? This section might be for you – a look at the online design industry, the pros and cons of design contests and everything in between. All put together with a trademark dash of snark & cynicism.

The Logo! Factor: Essays about design, the industry and things

The Logo! Factor

"Unlimited" Design Revisions

Alas, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Case in point, the promise of “unlimited” logo revisions..

Ready-Made Logo Templates

Why would anyone want a ready-made logo that “looks just like theirs?” They probably shouldn’t, all things considered..

Logo Design Contests

Are logo design contests an effective way to brand a company or an exploitative process that’s a haven for copyright infringement?

Clip Art Logos

The term “clip-art” has nothing to do with how a logo looks but everything to do with how it’s used & ownership rights..

Creators, Makers & Generators

Logo creators, makers or generators. Doesn’t matter what you call ’em, they ain’t any good for designing logos..

25 Steps To A Great Logo

“From the field” advice on how to get the best logo possible for your product, brand or service. And what to avoid..

Truth About Crowdsourcing

You’ve probably heard the term by now. Let’s take a partially impartial, less than unbiased look at this design fad..

Are Free Logos Really Free?

If someone promises you free logos, they probably shouldn’t cost you anything. Trouble is, they usually do..

What's A Logo Worth?

That’s really the question isn’t it? It all depends on whether you view your new logos as an expense, or an investment..

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQ section for answers to some of the more commonly asked questions about branding, logos and The Logo Factory design services. For news, views, tutorials and logo related articles, check out our design blog.

The Logo! Factor

A guide to buying logos. The Logo! Factor for design buyers arms you with the information you’ll need to avoid some hazards, dodge some marketing hype and get a logo you’ll love..


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“..request, nay demand, that your logo be previewed in one million color combinations (alright, let’s be more reasonable – ten thousand color combinations) within the three day turnaround schedule. Ten thousand is not even ‘unlimited’. Unlimited is, well, unlimited.”

The Myth Of Unlimited Revisions

If it sounds too good to be true..

“The numbers of plagiarized design work, clip art and improperly licensed stock art submitted into logo design contests is breathtaking. Often it’s stuff ripped off Google image search whole cloth. Sometimes it’s not the entire logo, but bits and pieces cobbled together..”

The Truth About Crowdsourcing

Commercialized design contests & your new logo

“Most so-called template logos are rudimentary shapes, swooshes, swirls and abstract shapes. Not even logos to be brutally honest. This is very deliberate. To appeal to as broad a spectrum as possible, most template logos are of the nondescript psychobabble variety..”

Ready-Made Logos & Logo Templates

Some questions to help you decide

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