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Even in this digital age, the old fashioned brochure and flyer remain an effective way to get your business message out. When you work with The Logo Factory designers to create your logo and brand, they learn quite a bit about your new company. Your business philosophy. Your design sensibilities. So who better to create your new brochures, flyers and .PDFs than the design team responsible for the birth of your new company identity?


Following our ‘look-and ‘feel’ philosophy, our design team can turn your sales message into a dynamic brochure, catalog or flyer design that can send your business message, quickly, and more importantly – professionally. Using the same design techniques as Fortune 500 companies, our designers can create the ‘look-and-feel’ of a multinational company. At a fraction of the prices that they are paying. Delivered in a top-notch presentation folder, combined with a killer stationery design, your new TLF designed brochure or flyer is sure to grab attention.

How we design your brochure.

Brochures, like all our design projects, can be viewed online in our Factory Floor, our client only section, where you can login, view the design process through every step, request revisions and finally approve your new brochure, catalog or flyer, all without ever leaving your desk. You supply the text, any photos (we can assist you in selecting appropriate stock photography if you have none) and diagrams (we can create those too) you wish to include, and we’ll do the rest. We’ll send you print-ready impositions that can be taken to any professional printer, and digital files that you can make available for download from your website. You can take your brochure design as far as you’d like to go.

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Brochures. No longer just for printing.

While we still design traditional brochures and graphic presentations for many of our clients, there is an increasing demand for PDF (Portable Document Format) documents that can be stored and downloaded from any web site. These documents are cross-platform, and can be viewed using a readily available plug in from Adobe. You can distribute these PDF documents via web download, e-mail and/or CD.

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Brochure design. Electronic and traditional.

PDF documents can be designed like any other graphic presentation, complete with photographs, graphics, charts and illustrations. They are completely printer compatible. PDF documents can be constantly updated and modified, without the expense of traditional reproduction, and are not subject to the minimum requirements of traditional offset printing. PDF documents can be full-color without the added expense of traditional 4 color process printing. As these files are digital, they can also be embedded with active web links that will automatically launch a browser, and open the requested web page, when clicked. PDF presentations can be a simple conversion and mirror your traditional presentations, or we can create a unique PDF presentation, taking advantage of  all of this format’s strengths and features.

What We Need:

In order to design your brochure, as well as streamline the design process, we’ll need the following items before we can begin developing your brochure artwork:

A vector version of your logo.

If your logo was created by our studio, we’ll already have this vector artwork on file. If not, and you only have a low-resolution bitmap or pre-printed version available, we may need to perform some logo repair.

Text, copy and callouts.

Client supplied copy is the stumbling block of many brochure design projects, yet it is the most important part of the brochure itself. Think of it this way, our designers need the ingredients before we can ‘bake the cake’, with the cake in this instance being your brochure. Accordingly, we’ll need all the relevant sales messages, contact information and call out titles that you wish to have worked into the design. Should you require, our staff can assist you in developing effective brochure copy.

Additional photography and artwork

If you wish to include your own photographs in your brochure, we’ll need those. If you wish to use photography, but have none available, we can help you select stock photographs from our various sources (additional licensing charges may apply.) If you wish to add other logos – trade associations for example – we’ll need vector versions of those too (or at least in high enough print resolution.) If you would like us to create custom illustrations or artwork, we can discuss that as well. Simple illustrations and graphics are usually included in the pricing of your brochure design, but more complex artwork may require additional time charges. Our designers can assist you in selecting the artwork that’s best suited for your project.

Brochure Design pricing

Our brochure design services start at $225.00 (retainer.) Details here.

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