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The varying roles of designers & clients in design

Which will you be – passive observer, collaborator or art director? Using some everyday life examples as a starting point, we explore the various roles designers and clients can take when creating a logo together and offer some tips and suggestions to make the relationship work. We also talk about light bulbs and kittens.

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PowerPoint: Color & your brand

PowerPoint presentation: Color and your brand. Designing effective color systems for your logos and brands using established color theory. We take a look at how important colors are when it comes to logo design and how to pick the best combination for the right message.

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Beginner’s guide to logo colors & spaces. RGB vs. CMYK

Understanding logos, digital & analog colors. If you’re a marketing or design do-it-yourselfer, or working with a designer on a logo for the first time, you’re going to hear a lot of technical terms and seemingly complex concepts surrounding your logo colors. Here’s a simple (yet thorough) guide, in layperson’s terms, to what it all means..

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Buying designers from 99designs. For $2500 a pop

Buying designers from 99designs. For $2500 a pop. I sat on this post since March, when the change was rolled out believing it was a mistake, an early April Fool’s prank or would have been dialed back at this point. We’re halfway through August, so I guess it’s a thing. Mind blowing, but a thing.

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Stock & ready-made logos

Clip art doesn’t actually refer to what art looks like but instead refers to distribution & sometimes questionable ownership rights. Are stock & ready-made logos the clip art of the Internet era? There’s an argument for it, yes.

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When stock photography goes wrong

As a quick & dirty solution for brochures, websites and other marketing publications, stock photography can be cheap and effective. There are times, however, when stock photography’s “that’s close enough” nature can mess up a perfectly sound message.

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Branding tips for business & startups

Series of ongoing articles and design help features for small business and startup owners looking for advice on developing logos for, and branding their companies. You’ll find all sorts of helpful design buyer-focused information here and on The Logo! Factor design blog.

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